'Raising An Elijah Generation'

‘….. Releasing a fearless generation …’

casX 2018 Music & Worship Residential Conference

August 6 – 11, 2018


Date: 6 - 11 August, 2018

Venue: London School of Theology

Application Requirements

Online Registration only

To register your child for the Children’s Residential Music & Worship Conference, please complete the Online Registration Form and submit.

Musical Grade Requirement

Your child doesn’t need to have received any formal music training or achieved any particular grade on their instrument before attending the conference.


Passport picture

We will require you to upload a passport size photos of your child during the registration process. (Each student will be issued with a photo ID)

Volunteers Needed

Each year we rely on the help of volunteers who come and assist throughout the conference. Whether it be for a day or the entire week.




Many children have unusual talents and gifting, but due to family circumstances, they often miss out on opportunities to develop their gifts and abilities – especially within the Creative Arts.  Many Academies and Specialist schools are selectively aimed at privileged children for whom money is not an issue.

Creative Arts School of Excellence have a desire to be accessible and not to refuse entry or discriminate children because of financial challenges the family may be facing; we have a small bursary: this bursary is specifical, though not exclusively, aimed at single-parent or unemployed parents.

This bursary allowance – donations given to casX is based on an interview with the Academy Directors Steve & Velveta Thompson ( or with a casX administrator) who will use wisdom and discretion, to ensure every child is given a fair opportunity to become all God intends them to become. We will be sensitive to your situation, carefully considering financial assistance your child. In particular, this bursary allowance is to assist single parents.

Note, we now also have a Payment Scheme in place.

Once you have paid your deposit, please use our PayPal Outstanding Payments portal to make other subsequent outstanding payments.

We now also have the facilities to take Visa card payments at the conference (extra 2.5% charge per transaction)

(NB) Deposit for full board booking – £100.00 when submitting the application form)





1. Enrolment
There are no strict restrictions on the enrollment policy. However, do consider your child enrolled on receipt of the deposit.

2. Registration fee
A Registration fee of £100.00 is charged to secure your child a place (non-refundable and non-deductible). It is payable at your initial registration to the Conference. (Unless you are using the Payment Scheme).

3. Fees
All outstanding payments must be settled before the start of the conference (Friday, 3rd August 2018). Failure to pay the full fee may result in the automatic cancellation of your child’s place.

4. Payment scheme is available upon request.

5. Cancellation
Unfortunately, due to the strict financial planning of the conference, once your child is registered and payment made, it is not possible to cancel your child’s place. However, an exception will be considered in the case of a medical problem (a doctor’s note will be required).

6. Withdrawal
A child can be withdrawn from the conference at any time. Written notice of withdrawal must be sent to the casX administration office as soon as possible. However, once again, we would not be able to refund your money.

7. Reserved Rights 
Any decision concerning tuitions made by casX shall be final and casX reserves the right to alter the Conditions without prior notice. However, each parent will be informed of these unforeseen changes

8. Cheque payments
Please make sure there are adequate funds to cover all cheque payments. There will be a charge for referred cheques due to insufficient funds.

As classes are taught in sessions, we ask our casx students to bring their instrument(s) when possible. If your child does not own an instrument, this is not a problem as the Academy has a few instruments which can be made available to the students.

If your child is bringing his/her instrument, we would ask you to make sure it is insured. We will endeavour to keep a close eye on every child’s instrument, though overall, one of the things we encourage at the Academy is respect for their’s and other people’s belongings.

(N.B. All instruments are locked away at the end of each day).

CasX Policy

Please download & read the casX Policy Forms BEFORE arrival at the conference. You will be required to sign these forms when signing in your child on 6th August 2018

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  • Upload Passport photo
  • We require a Cheque of £100.00 or PayPal Registration Fee (non-refundable). This amount will be deducted from the outstanding balance
  • Use our Payment Scheme if required

If you wish to pay by cheque please email us at casX and we will send you the postal address