2018 casX Conference Testimonials

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Next conference 5 - 10 August 2019 (tbc)

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We had an awesome time at out 2018 casX Conference ‘Raising an Elijah Generation’.

casX Directors Steve & Velveta would like to invite you to share some of your experience on this page.

casX 2018 Testimonials


  1. Velveta Thompson

    Cool conference

  2. Matthew Green

    This was my first year teaching at CasX, and it was a fantastic experience!

    The children and young people were all very personable, and their ranges of age and ability is not something you see very often in the same place!

    Their desire to learn more, to push themselves and to grow is something that will aid them as they work towards being a well rounded and competent musicians.

    I thoroughly enjoyed all the lessons I taught, and am honoured to have been a small part of the CasX week and the children and young peoples journey.

    CasX is a brilliant model of what professional musicians should be striving to mimic if we want to take teaching and nurturing young musicians seriously. The carefully crafted balance of fun AND excellence is exactly what we need to achieve, all while maintaining a safe place to step out of comfort zones and explore musical styles and genres.

    My best wishes to all the students who attended! Many of them are already more talented and gifted than their tutors, and they look to be the next batch of professional musicians inspiring generations.

    Until next year!

    Matthew Green, Piano & Keyboards Tutor

  3. Donnel. Mfugale

    Hello Steve and Velveta

    In the beginning, when my mum said she would send me to casx 2018, I was furious, and I refused to come. But I as she is UEL student she assured me that I would love it. Therefore, I thought she just wanted to convince me to go.

    Well, I was distraught, first because I didn’t know the majority of people there and also, I have always only loved ? the football environmentally conscious.
    But my mum won I went, and I’m so glad, and I thank God for her life
    Before, I unusual listened to my mum, but now I know I was sinning against God.
    My prayer level is more predominant than playing the games.
    Before I hated morning devotion but now I do every morning. Now, I call my daddy and pray for him before he goes to bed.

    Coming to Casx, I learned new things, and also I discovered I could live without my PS4?
    I enjoyed casx 2018,I liked it because i got to feel Jesus inside me and I got to meet new friends. In my time at casx, I enjoyed the beds, toilets and food especially the breakfast so, I will rate case 10/10 and if God willing I come next year.
    I can’t wait to go to church on Sunday because Jerome will show me the type of guitar I should buy to train at home.

    Thank you so much

    God bless you

    Donnel Mfugale

  4. Lydia Abraham

    To Steve and Velveta
    I loved making new friends, and met a lot of genuinely lovely people who I look forwards to keeping in touch with and seeing again next year. The private lessons with Nicole, Jemima and Diana were very beneficial. Thank you for the opportunity to sing, I found my voice. Also I really enjoyed the sermons and felt like Pastor Gareth taught me so much and I found learning about the financial and tech side of music interesting.
    Many thanks

    Lydia Abraham

  5. Joy Abraham

    To Steve and Velveta
    Joy here (8yrs old)

    When I was 5 yrs old I started to play the piano but When I was playing in a band for the first time in my life at casX 2018 I learned to trust God to help me get my music right. Now I’d like to play the drums too.

  6. Cara Chapatarongo

    I really enjoyed this year’s conference. I have learnt a lot about God’s love (thanks to Pastor Gareth) and have made so many friends that I keep in touch with. I had fun learning harp and bass, and enjoyed all the activities

    I’ll be coming next year, that’s certain ?

    Thank you Steve and Velveta and the rest of the team


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