Just a thought … whilst having our devotion together this morning, I suddenly received a revelation/vision reminding Vel and myself of this beautiful fact – there is much activity in Heaven – even whilst we are sleeping or otherwise engaged. Activities that would blow our natural minds.
My prayers today are that we can catch a clearer glimpse of that which is happening in the spirit-world as this will probably draw and paint a clearer context to some of the things we are wrestling with here on the earth -even the arduous situations and circumstances we simply cannot grapple or understand.
Know today my brothers and sisters, we have a hope in Jesus and our heavenly dwelling place which will far transcend any experience here on earth. 1 Cor 2:9, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him”. The experiences of heaven will far surpass anything experienced here on earth. However, today my mind, heart and spirit are reminding me not to over-focus on the earthly activities. To make sure everything we do or not do, is aligned with getting the earth and ourselves ready for the return of our Jesus Christ.
Whilst praying I had a sudden reminder that my thoughts were so consumed with all the things I need to do today (lots and lots of ‘things’. Let’s make sure everything we do has ETERNAL VALUE. 😀 – so a few things I thought were urgent, have now been placed on hold or bunsen burner – a few other things I will not be doing and a few events I may or may not attend (we don’t need to attend every event we are invited to). We so want God and Heaven’s timing to umpire our today’s decisions! Be blessed as together, we seek the Father’s heart concerning ALL THINGS!

~ Steve