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Fola Ajanlekoko


It has been Steve & Velveta’s joy & an immense pleasure to support Fola Ajanlekoko in making a dream come true. She celebrated her 50th Birthday on 10th October 2015 and always had a dream to record a few self-penned songs. After recording a few quick backing tracks for Fola, Beracah Music contacted a few singers from Revelation Avenue along with Velveta to complete the three-day recording. In her words, Fola shares her dream.


The Album BE INSPIRED   I’ve always had a passion for singing and worship. I’ve been in the choir and worship group at City Gates Church for the past 18 years now. During this time, I developed the desire to learn more about the music itself and learn how to play an instrument.   We were privileged to have Steve and Velveta Thompson as our worship leaders for about seven years; during which time they facilitated training on various aspects of music including songwriting, the engineering of sound and visual systems and learning how to play an instrument. The entire worship team was encouraged to continually, develop ourselves. It was during this period that I decided to try and persevere with keyboard lessons, as I had done it for short periods in the past but never stuck to it.

Recording Fola’s album


In 2012, I began keyboard lessons with Steve Thompson, and I’m still learning! It was during this time I thought, “Wow! I can actually write songs!” As I continued to learn the keyboard, suddenly my eyes were opened to a whole new world!

Over the next year, I wrote eight songs, which I wasn’t sure at the time how the songs would be passed on. The songs were inspired by various life events and also by some sermons at church. About a year ago, I thought wow – perhaps I could make a CD of these songs for my Jubilee celebrations and give them out on the day. Steve Thompson of Beracah Music International was consulted, and he agreed to arrange and produce the album.   My prayer is that God’s name will be glorified in the songs; lives will be touched, changed and healed as people listen to the lyrics. BE INSPIRED to follow your dream and persevere until you see it come to pass! Amen! ~ Fola Ajanlekoko

Though a ‘NOT FOR SALE’ project,  Fola would like to invite you to donate towards the City Gates ‘Time to Build’ building funds! More information on how to donate will follow!