Over 25 years ago, there was Vel and I on a large stage at a Dr Billy Graham crusade (the only one we have ever attended). We were so busy gazing into Velishaeach other’s eyes, as young lovers do and having general chit chat before the meeting started. All of a sudden, there was a huge applauds from about 60, ooo people and many started saying ‘congratulation to you both’. We asked what for and someone said, Cliff Burrows (the music director) just announced your engagement. Hahaha! On arrival to the open air arena, we had shared with Cliff Burrows in a private conversation that we had just got engaged.

Well, it is with great privilege and excitement that we announce the engagement of our daughter, Velisha Mahalia Thompson & Jermane Lynch!! Vel and I along with his wonderful parents, Gavin & Sonia (whom are actually really good friends) are incredibly ecstatic as is Esther Thompson (Velisha’s sister).

In style, Jermaine proposed in front of over 1300+ people at a young people meeting organised by the Elim Church – The Gathering! Fortunately for Jermaine, Velisha said ‘Yes’.

May God bless all the preparation towards the big day, but most importantly, their lives together.