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Romania 2018 Update

Romania 2018 Update

October 5th 2018 BMI for a ministry team and travelled to Romania to minister along with our good friend Pastor Gareth Sherwood and others who are joining us as part of the Romanian BMI Ministry team. We were joined by our good friends & lecturer colleagues from Ukraine Evangelical Theological Seminary (UETS) Myroslava Smetanyuk & Катя Симчук.

We delivered several masterclass, workshops and sermons. Our team also lead worship during the conference. This was an amazing ministry trip with quite a diverse team of very committed worship team members from City Gates and a few friends. (James Parker, picture on right googled is McDonalds before we left the United Kingdom 🙂 )

Esther passes her driving test

Esther passes her driving test

Esther passes driving test

Congratulations to our daughter, Esther Thompson in passing her driving test. Vel and I are so proud of her. Today, we also spent some time in the midi suite recording guide vocals towards her EP. We can see great development in all areas of her life. Passing her test is the rewards of her dedication and hard work. We now stand with her as she prepares for her final ‘A level’ exams.

Living a life of thanksgiving, prayer & worship

Living a life of thanksgiving, prayer & worship

Living A Life Of Thanksgiving, Prayer & Worship

Living A Life Of Thanksgiving, Prayer & Worship

Most of our friends and family members are aware of the incredible journey travelled by Velveta and I, along with our daughters and son-in-law. This was a very unusual journey where we had no time to ‘pack, prepare and get ready’ for a journey and route along the darkest lanes, lonely roads and what at times presented itself as cul-de-sacs.

From feeling sick after attending a birthday celebration (ministering in song by request), within 24 hours Velveta’s body was attacked with what eventually became meningitis, pneumonia on both lungs and micro haemorrhages on the brain. We would not have believed it if a prophetic word had alerted us to the fight of our lives we were about to face. Within a few days of being admitted to the hospital, Velveta was in a coma. (Very specific details leading up to the coma will be available in book form – more details to follow).

As Vel laid motionless on the hospital bed, like with many others in this situation, the enemy threw everything at us, mainly attacking our

Steve, Velveta & Pastor Gareth at the Thanksgiving service

inner thoughts and faith. For me, the worst moments were the first few nights when I would come home from the hospital. However, within a few days, after sending out a few more prayer request to friends all over the world, I along with the family moved into ‘Intercessory praise, prayer and worship’. In particular, we are thankful to a prayer group based in our local church, ‘The Watchtower‘. They swiftly organised a ’round the clock’ prayer vigil for Velveta. To be honest, I thought I understood the principles of ‘Intercessory worship’ having ministered on many occasions at meetings facilitated by powerful intercessors. But, there is something different about ‘fighting a personal fight‘ on behalf of your wife or someone close. It’s interesting how during these moments and seasons, the Holy Spirit reminds you of particular scriptures that are poignant for the time.

‘Blessed be the LORD, my rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle; My lovingkindness and my fortress, My stronghold and my deliverer, My shield and He in whom I take refuge, Who subdues my people under me.…’ – Psalms 144:1-2

At the risk of looking foolish and strange, I requested if I could bring my guitar into the Critical Care Unit (CCU) where I could play, sing, worship and pray over Velveta. To our surprise, the medical staff agreed we could do this, so along with my girls, we worshipped and worshipped, at times with great passion and zeal. As I tell friends now, ‘We did what we do’  🙂  I am reminded of a saying, ‘He who loves the life of thanksgiving is a noble person, he acknowledges and does not forget and good offered to him and expresses his thanks’ ~ H.H. Pope Shenounda III.

Even whilst the medical team gave us their daily report and prognosis,  we continued praying and worshipping over Velveta. On the second day in the CCU, I already started planning a Thanksgiving Service believing that God would wake Vel out of the coma.


There is so much more I would like to say, but will save this for another time (or even a book :), but as we began to speak prophetically over the situation and remember the prophetic words spoken over our lives,

I remembered once hearing that your life does not reach its end until the prophecies spoken over you have been realised. So, in faith we planned towards what we could ‘see’ with our spiritual eyes. A Thanksgiving service. Praise God!

There in the hospital, I was also reminded of the very familiar story of Jesus blessing the Samaritan. Along came ten lepers. As Jesus healed the ten lepers who were indeed cleansed, only one returned to Jesus falling down on his face at Jesus’ feet, giving Him thanks.

“Were there not ten cleansed? But where are the nine?” “Were there not any found who returned to give glory to God except this foreigner?” (Luke 17:15-18)

‘Velveta, daughter of Zion wake up’

Thank God for His words which not only trains and prepares us for battle but coaches us how to respond instead of reacting negatively in really difficult and challenging times. This was our challenging time! BUT, as we worshipped and gave God thanks, I still remember one of the darkest night (or should I say, really early morning) when I received particular words to pray over Velveta, ‘Velveta, daughter of Zion wake up‘. This moment will be forever, etched in my memory. A prophetic moment translated by a good friend of ours, Helen Yousaf who portrayed this moment through a beautiful painting. (Painting on left)

This Christmas celebration of 2017, as you can imagine, has been a really special festive season as we celebrate life with my dear wife, Velveta. I love this woman so much and know that God has plans for our lives as he does yours. But, we simply must wake each morning with Thanksgiving in our hearts. Each day, we enter His courts with praise. We declare this is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice for He has made us glad. My heart is filled with much gratitude, praise, love and thankfulness.

Whatever you may be facing today, remember the encouragement from the Apostle Paul, ‘Giving thanks always for all things – Ephesians 5:20′ All Glory to God! At the end of the trial, the long night, perseverance, Jesus will be glorified.

May God help us to go beyond the formal rituals of thanksgiving. Every waking hour, I find myself pausing simply to pray and say to Abba Father ‘Thank you for Velveta, thank you for my family, thank you for LIFE‘.

So, this is how we intend to move into 2018 and throughout – giving God praise, worship and thanks for ALL things, even those arduous journeys of life we may not understand, for He truly does turn all things around for His glory. Would I want to go down those dark lanes again, no, who would chose that aspect of life, but should we have to face those lanes again, we will be reminded by the Holy Spirit, we will never be forsaken, as he walks with us along every dark road, circumstances or life-threatening situation as the one we had to face.

Velveta, you are my priceless jewel and I honour you as the Father honours us and our prayers. Forever grateful. Here we go!

~ Steve

Steve & Velveta on Premier Christian Radio

Steve & Velveta on Premier Christian Radio

What being in a coma taught me

Wednesday 20th December 2017 – 12:27 pm

Worship leader VEL THOMPSON and her husband STEVE joined Maria Rodrigues in studio to share about the challenge they faced as a couple this year when Vel ended up in a coma. Hear how singing praises to God affected the journey.

Velveta in car crash

Today, as Vel was collecting Esther from the train station, a mere 8-minute drive, a drunk driver hit two cars and then had a head-on collision with Velveta, totally writing of our car. At this time, I was working from home with a client and received a call from Vel’s mobile. (in pain, she managed to give her mobile phone to the driver of the first car hit by the drunk driver). My neighbour gave me a lift close to the scene, but by this time, the traffic congestion had built up. I had to run about 1000 yards or so. On arrival, I could see that Vel was in pain but stable, having been attended by several onlookers. We thank God for guardian angels. By this time, Esther had made her way, also by foot, to the accident scene,

The police confirmed the driver was three times over the alcohol level. The impact was so strong it deployed both the passenger and driver airbags. Vel was driving alone and as you can imagine, went into shock with some pain from the impact. After the arrival of two fire engines, six paramedics and many witnesses giving their accounts to the police, Vel was whisked down to the hospital accompanied by Esther and myself. Velisha also joined us at the hospital.

It was strange being back in the same hospital so soon after Velveta’s admission six months prior. Many of the hospital staff at the A & E remembered us. Again, we were able to celebrate life in the hospital. (I am sure they are now convinced that Velveta likes hanging out at the hospital) 🙂

Thanks to many of you for the inquiring calls and texts which have been pouring in. We would like to confirm that Vel is fine, though in a little pain.

All the x-rays have come back negative. We are now back home thanking our good Lord that he continues to surround us with His protective fire-shield. No weapon formed …!

Please continue to support us with prayers as we will you – remain focus and drive safely and prayerfully as the Christmas period approaches.

‘God is our helper in our very time of need. He will never forsake us.’ Hallelujah.

I dedicate this piece of music ‘Remain in me‘ composed a few months ago to Velveta, the woman of God WILL continue to bear much fruit in this season. Continue to worship our God, King and Creator.

~ Steve Thompson