We need to pray for our marriages

We need to pray for our marriages

I am so saddened to the point of weeping this morning. It has become the norm for Christian leaders to easily put one wife away and pick up another. It hurts to see this door opened. It hurts for the grieving wife who has done no biblical wrong but served her husband’s vision for years!
Let’s pray saints for so many hurting women who took their vows seriously. Please pray for the ex-wives and their children. I literally weep for them.
We need more church leaders to stand up and speak up ‘ the word of God!’ Let’s pray against this epidemic, it’s the plan of the enemy to cause pain and confusion to the body, but we as the church have the greater power through the power of prayer!! ?? It’s seriously time to pray!! Father Protect the family unit! Steve & I continue to pray fervently in this particular area of the family life.

Vel in Cambodia – Day Three

Vel in Cambodia – Day Three

IMG_2890Day 3 -Today we flew to Siem Reap at 7:30am!
We had the awesome privilege of visiting a World Vision office and seeing them in action. We got the chance to see how the community pulls together to make a better life for families and children.
We saw the community building fences around a large reservoir that was dug and full of water. A reservoir that is being used to source villages with clean safe water to drink. We heard from the staff how there was a drought in this area and they prayed and God sent rain and filled the reservoir.
We had the opportunity to also pray at the same spot that the reservoir will be filled to the overflow, this way they can source many more villages with clean healthy water for families and children. The joy on the faces of the workers working together in the community was beautiful to see. Men and women working together!    [soliloquy id=”3898″]
We sat down with the staff at the World Vision office – all local Cambodian men and women with one purpose and vision to make lives better in Cambodia for families and children. Providing education, providing clean water, providing nutritional information to families and providing clean water, houses and farming supplies to each household.
When we pray on the Embrace events about the community and how by sponsoring one child can benefit the whole community, this brought everything to reality for me. To see this ethos at work was moving and very inspirational.
We visited a family that was benefiting in the community – a beautiful little boy aged six years old who is waiting to be sponsored. This family is part of the community that was benefiting from another child that has been sponsored in their area. This has benefited them as a family, enlarging a larger vision which will aid them getting farming material, providing them with chickens and a rooster that will enable them to have fresh eggs, for them as parents and their five children.
What struck me the most was how beautiful this family was and happy yet living in such poverty. This by far has been the most moving day for me – seeing a family such as our own families –  all they need is support from people like us that can make their lives better. Just over £20 a month can buy them food and the whole community benefiting with housing, clean water, and being able to grow their own vegetation and having farm animals for fresh eggs and milk from the cows.
Being a sponsor myself, this brought everything to reality for me! That my money is going towards bettering people’s lives not just the child I sponsor but the whole family and the whole community. My life can never be the same!
Moved beyond words.
Vel in Cambodia – Day Two

Vel in Cambodia – Day Two

IMG_2836Day 2 – Today has been the busiest day so far! We started with a two-hour journey by van to visit a school and community World Vision has worked with for the last 18 years. The beautiful children sang and practiced their English on us. After listening to their beautiful voices, we heard stories of lives that have been transformed by the work and dedication of  World Vision as they, through the financial support, have been able to make it possible for the children able to attend school, gaining an education. [soliloquy id="3881"]

We also met a young girl who spoke of 18 years experience and now has become a teacher – teaching children with passion and gratitude as her life has been so changed by the work of World Vision. We then went on to a local church which works alongside the community and World Vision in supporting and developing the area by supplying food, clothing and housing. After observing the work of the local church, we then visited two other schools and family members who have been sponsored by World Vision. It has been amazing taking a first-hand look at lives changed and transformed because of the contribution of the many people who sponsor and support a child and the community. Truly inspirational!

Vel in Cambodia – Day One

Vel in Cambodia – Day One

IMG_2843-1 copy

Camera & Media Team


Lara, Emily & Velveta

First day here in Cambodia has gone really well! Our first visit was to a development centre where young men and women are taken of the streets and educated. We had the privilege of talking to some of these young men and women who once lived on streets,  one young man in particular,  for 10 years sleeping in shop windows and under bridges.

These young men and women are taught a trade i.e. in engineering or in mechanics so that they can go back and get themself a job and fit into society where they can earn for themselves. One Young man wept as he thought of his past and another told us how he had hopes and dreams of owning his own home one day. To see the work of the centre was very emotional –  talking to the young men and women who, if it had not been for this work that World Vision is doing here in Cambodia, would still be living on the streets. We visited three other areas of families and children that live on the street. We observe the work of World Vision – going every day to teach the children’s parents hygiene and safety. We had an opportunity to play with the children, singing and worshiping with them. Very emotional and moving day for both myself and Lara Martin. ? More to follow.

Embrace Tour – World Vision 2014

Embrace Tour – World Vision 2014

Something unique is happening! There is a wave of glory washing over women as we gather and worship! World Vision has started something deep in this tour that is sweeping across the UK.

Embrace is the uniting of female worship leaders led by Lara Martin coming together and inviting women from around the UK to gather in worship!

The evening hosted by world vision gives us the opportunity to pray for children across the world and for communities and governments.

‘Every child free from fear!’

Every time we gather, on the Embrace Tour, something supernatural happens in the atmosphere. It’s so deep it is hard to articulate or express with words.

Embrace ladies

Embrace ladies

The weight of God’s glory is undeniable! No one leaves without encountering God afresh. We hear the same feedback again and again.

Meeting to worship and pray for children across the globe is stirring something in the Heavens and the earth causing a ripple-effect in bringing change by the power of prayer and worship!

‘Touching heaven to change earth.’  There is a ‘spiritual download’ taking place, unique to everyone woman present. There is a unity that generates a flow of powerful worship that commands the presence of Almighty God!  A divine encounter!

 ‘Worship and Justice go hand in hand. Looking out for the needs of others is an act of worship!’

It has been such a joy serving with such passionate, humble women that has one heart in seeing God’s kingdom come, and His will to be done!

Lara Martin, Donna Akodu, Louise Fellingham, Nicky Sims, and Cath Woolridge, you enrich my life!

We are blessed to have anointed and gifted men, including my husband Steve Thompson, called by God to stand with us on instruments, sound, lights and AV. Our husbands should get medals for their love and support releasing us to run with this vision and baton

Emma Davis-Bass – ‘little star that shines’ making our lives richer; you serve with perfection as does our beautiful Katherine Walker from World Vision!

We have just completed our 10th night tour for 2014 and pleased to say we will continue our tour into 2015 with new dates to be released!