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Many children around us have an enormous amount of talent and gifting, but due to family circumstances, they often miss out on opportunities to develop these giftings – especially within the Creative Arts as many Academy’s and Specialist schools are selectively aimed at privileged children for whom money is not an issue. We at Creative Arts School of Excellence have a desire to be accessible to all children and not to refuse entry or discriminate children because of financial challenges the family may be facing. We have a small bursary: this bursary is specifical, though not exclusively, aimed at single parents or unemployed parent/s. This bursary allowance (based on donations given to casX) rests on an interview with the Academy Directors Steve & Velveta Thompson ( or with a casX administrator) who will use wisdom and discretion, to ensure every child receives a fair opportunity to become all God intends them to become. Casx staff will be sensitive to your situation, carefully considering the financial season you are currently going through. Note, we have a Payment Scheme in place. Once you have paid your deposit, please use our PayPal Outstanding Payments portal to make other subsequent outstanding payments. (extra 3% charge per transaction). We now also have the facilities to take Visa card payments at the conference (extra 3% charge per transaction)