Just a thought today …. What is to be totally free? What does freedom really imply? We often quote the scripture, ‘we shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free (John 8:32) … whom the Son has set free is free indeed.’ Yet sometimes, most of us long to fully experience being inwardly, completely and totally free. This freedom is then expressed outwardly. (I will tell about one of those moments later!)

Today after experiencing an incredible joy and freedom as Velveta and I led worship at a local church, I was thinking …. outward expression of freedom is so important to certain countries/churches where there is tyranny and dictatorship – I have been to a few of them – countries I mean – lol!
As our minds are so conditioned in many aspects, from relationships, society, etc there is no wonder we are told through the word to ‘renew’ the mind each day – this can only be done, not by listening to other’s opinion of you and trying to become an altered version of the perfect ‘you’ God created, but by the very WORD OF GOD – the Truth.

Today, in particular, many churches are focused on the activity of the Holy Spirit – today being Pentecost Sunday. But, every day, we must allow the Holy Spirit to remind us that we are cleaned, washed and set free by the cross of Jesus – Amen!
So, find your space, your corner, worship Jesus with ‘full voice’ and enjoy the experience – similar to the flight of an eagle.

The other day I was getting petrol and the anointing, the cold Essex wind AND joy simultaneously grabbed a hold of my emotions. I expressed myself ‘very loudly’. The lady on my left also taking petrol gave me ‘an interesting look’. Not always wise to speak in tongues loudly whilst taking petrol – I don’t make this a habit – lol).

Everything looks different from the perspective and height of an eagle. Today, you can take that flight! Our prayer today is that hearts and minds may be healed – as you dare to take that ‘flight’! Have a great day!