For the second time, Indigo Television contacted BMI, commissioning them to create a choir, arrange and perform the song ‘You raise me up‘ for the opening of the 25th Anniversary of the National Television Award 2020. Immediately Steve & Velveta handpicked twenty-five vocalist from very different cultural, musical and ethnic backgrounds. The script was to create a ‘slick’ yet humorous performance. While the choir is singing, the idea was for the host for the evening, David Walliams to be hoisted-up above the choir.

Over three weeks, Steve consulted with Indigo Television and devised a plan to prepare the selected singers for a live performance at the prestigious o2 Arena. The end-results were phenomenal as the 25 singers surpassed and exceeded Steve & Velveta’s expectation, receiving high praises from the Executives and Producers of the Awards show.

You can read about the Singers’ Reflection, as they share their own experiences.

            Steve Thomspon – Director (BMI)

What an awesome privilege to work alongside so many gifted professionals all brought together by Indigo Television. We are thankful to Andy Bates, the senior producer who believed in my work over the years, in particular, the vocal arrangements for the 2016 National Television Awards opening with Gloria Gaynor and Revelation Avenue. 

In particular, we are thankful to Antonio Castle (Daughter of the late Roy Castle), a family which we have worked with and loved over the years. As the stage manager, and liaison personnel along with Producer, Lauren Gallen, she made our task so much easier and enjoyable with an eye for details. That is quite true of the entire Indigo Television team.

Again, BMI is thankful for the opportunity to collaborate and work to such high standards, learning so much throughout the entire project.

~ Steve Thompson

The BMI Choir

It has been a great honour, blessing and opportunity to be involved in the NTA ITV 2020 award show.
When Steve was approached to put a choir together and arrange a song for NTA, we had no idea the journey we would be on.

When Steve was contacted and to put a choir together and arrange a song for NTA, we had no idea the journey we would be on. First, we prayed about the choice of choir members as individuals needed to represent Christ by having a good heart as well as their gifting.

Well, this turned out to be the best representation of the unity of the body of Christ, as each individual’s personality & character spoke ‘volumes’.
From the recording studio staff to the stylists, the stage management, the Choreographer, Make-up team and stylist, they all commented on how easy it was to work with the team. Two of the stylist so enjoyed hanging out with the singers, after the choir’s performance, they stayed in our dressing room and came to our suite to watch the rest of the Awards. On leaving the suite, they hugged us all, expressing once again how blessed they felt to be around us.
This demonstration of unity is Christ in motion. To be a Christian is to be Christ-like.
‘We are the light of the world…’ is what the Bible says.
The BMI choir made heaven proud. Steve, Sonia and I, as the executive team, was overwhelmed at the fellowship and heart of our team. Thank you, BMI Choir!

~ Velveta Thompson

BMI Choir at the NTA 2020 VBlog


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