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CasX AYCB 2012 Report


B eracah Music International brings the gift of music to life in an outstanding inaugural summer music and worship conference for young people

Beracah Music International ‘brings the gift of music to life’ in an outstanding inaugural summer music and worship conference for young people by Deborah Baidoo.

Beracah Music International inspires a generation of youth with the gift of music. Building on the foundations of the first music and worship ‘All You Can Be‘ Children’s Residential Music and Worship Conference (AYCB) last year, Directors of Beracah music international, Steve and Velveta Thompson held the second annual Creative Arts School of Excellence (casX) conference in London for 2012.

The Conference was held from Tuesday 14th to Sunday 19th August 2012 in the beautiful grounds and facilities at the London School of Theology in North West London where Steve Thompson is a member of the faculty as a lecturer. The conference was attended by 40 young people between the ages of 7 to 17-year-olds. There was a 37% growth in the number of children that have attended last year. Attendees for Children’s Residential Music and Worship Conference ‘All You Can Be’ 2011 were 29 young people. Day students were also registered to the residential conference, with some of the day students deciding to stay overnight, becoming residential students after experiencing only the first day of ‘All You Can Be…’

Music, vocal, and dance tutors encouraged the young people with a well-thought through and carefully crafted a programme of worship, music tuition fun and fellowship. Workshops included Specialist instruments, choir rehearsal, electronic sequencing, songwriting, dance and so much more. This year, directors Steve and Velveta Thompson were joined by other renowned musicians and vocalists in delivering expert tuition. Tutors for music and vocals included Leila Egerton, Helen Barnes, Gary Mullins, Amy-Jane Wilson, Denise Bryce, Mark Beswick, Sarah Harrison, Graham Kendrick, Pete Lawson, Jermaine Lynch, Gervaise Lynch, Raul D’Olivera, Clive Ross, Carl Stanbridge, Diane Stanbridge, Helen Yousaf. Tutors for dance and sport included Jihan Greaves and Michael Douglas. Children received excellent tuition in the bass, guitar, acoustic or electric guitar, keyboards, drums, violin, flute. Also, new instruments were introduced; harp, cello and trumpet also featured in the one to one teaching sessions. These were often oversubscribed due to popularity with the young people returning for many repeat sessions with tutors.

Graham Kendrick

There were different creative streams including Graham Kendrick leading a particular workshop ‘Psalm Surfing’ as he inspired the young people to worship with all they had. The Cosmopolitan celebratory atmosphere that hit London this summer was certainly evident at casX with its very own ‘Latin flavour’ when Raul D’Olivera created a samba band of 30+ young people who ‘moved while they grooved’. AYCB was more than just a music conference focusing on tuition and master classes. casX took a holistic approach to ensure the well-being and nurturing of each young persons’ creative expression with not only a variety of creative sessions but also outdoor

Raul D'Oliveira

Raul D’Oliveira

Activities and time to relax and unwind were also scheduled. Dedicated volunteers mentored the young people, spending time with them during and after their workshops by providing support and advice. Each young person had regular opportunities to learn from these seasoned musicians and develop their musical ability in the context of worship.  Workshops on Creative Writing; Introductory to Electronic Music; Creative Worship; Song Writing Workshop; Special Vocal Workshop; Psalm Surfing Workshop; Creative Dance Workshop; Specialist Instruments Workshop; Solo Instruments Workshop; Improvisation Workshop and much more. IMG_5861The hottest day of the year provided much excitement as the young people took time out to relax’ and have fun with the teachers on the field with a major water fight! The casX conference ended with its infamous Concert finale showcasing performances from the ‘All You Can Be…’ Choir led by Mark Beswick, the 30+ samba band led by Raul D’Olivera, songs written by the students performed in their bands formed during the week. The ceremony also included the hand out of certificate by Directors, Steve & Velveta, to each student. What the young people achieved was extraordinary and demonstrates that casX was inspiring a generation of youth, which will for sure influence the landscape of music and worship for years to come. What a Legacy!


Mia – Ceremony Evening

‘A legacy is anything that is handed down from the past, so how we analyse the past is very imperative. Looking back at what we have built so far, or not, should give us a balanced plan and approach of what we need to change and alter our lifestyle to ensure we both live, demonstrate and leave a bold, strong and healthy legacy for the next generation. Where the next generation is concerned, our ceiling becomes their platform’ ~ Steve Thompson.

Applications are now available for ‘All You Can Be…’ upcoming conferences. Web: casX Tel: 07595 022787 or Email: Administration on


Quotes: ‘My children found CASX to be a great experience. It taught them how they could use their instruments to praise God and honour Him for the gifts He laid upon them. Even through their body language with the ‘Dance Ministry’
Student, Craig says: “It taught me to worship God not only through my voice, but instrument too, “My daughter Maya has now decided to take up learning keyboard aside of her violin playing. And now she continuously bothers me saying: “Can we go back next year? Thank you for your loving and being so caring to our children”.

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