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Our boys - casX
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First time playing CelloMia - casX


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Due to unforeseen circumstances, sadly we announce that will not be running our annual AYCB casX Conference until further notice.

CasX will be closed for the Christmas break from: 21st December – 4th January 2021


The Creative Arts School of Excellence (casX) offers a bridge between schools, cultural organisations and creative practitioners, providing students with opportunities to develop their creativity in learning and by taking part in cultural activities of the highest quality. Throughout the entire training of your child at casX, one of the key focus points will be for us to aid you, as parents, in developing the character of your child, while accompanying them on this part of their journey in their faith and skills development. By introducing and building these ‘partnerships’, all our tutors, parents and children will be given the opportunity and time to come together, with other like-minded children and develop their creative skills both across and beyond the formal curriculum. There will be a strong emphasis on developing the mentoring relationships between your child and us. This approach is a vital ingredient and is embedded in all the various programmes, classes & tuition we provide.

We want to promote Creative Learning



casX student – Mia

Creative learning is simply any learning, which develops our capacity to be creative. It equips young people with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s world.
Creative learning –  nurturing ways of thinking and working which encourage imagination, visionary thinking, independence, tolerance of ambiguity and risk, openness, the raising of aspirations and most importantly, mirroring our Creative God, seen in all of ‘nature’. Steve & Velveta have been in the industry for many years now and with your help as parents, we need to ensure we’re not setting young people up with false expectations about achieving success in the media industry. Music will be a ‘hobby’ for most young people, and we believe it is important to encourage this though we also need to ensure our programmes include a ‘reality check’.

    Training modules  offered



Amy-Jane Wilson

casX Harp tutor

  • Keyboards (Piano & Synthesisers)
  • Drums & percussion
  • Voice study
  • Harp
  • Cello
  • Guitar (acoustic & electric)
  • Recording
  • Music arranging & scoring
  • And much more

All You Can Be (AYCB)

Phil 4:16 'I can do all things through Christ ....'

Private Tuition

Private sessions available

Modules on offer at our Residential Conferences

Sequencing & Song Writing


  • Introduction to synthesisers and sequencing (using computers to create & record music)
    Facilities (1280)

    Sequencing facilities at LST

  • Introduction to ‘Music Arrangements’
  • Basic scoring – drums, percussion, bass guitar notation and more
  • Advanced synthesis & sequencing
  • Advanced’ Musical Arrangements’ & scoring



The Creative Arts School of Excellence is an ambitious project, and the methods of the development of your child in their chosen instrument will allow them more than mere creative ability. With mentoring and spiritual growth being fundamental aspects of the Academy, we know your child will catch the vision of the Academy and the relationships they will develop with their tutors, and will run with this in their other activities outside the Academy.

Guitar Performance


casX Student

casX Guitar studentGuitar

  • Bass guitar from beginner to professional
  • Slap technique
  • Electric & acoustic guitar from beginner to professional
  • Lead guitar techniques
  • Finger picking techniques
  • Hammering-on
  • Licks & Tricks
  • Rhythm styles (e.g. soul, funk, rock)


casX Keyboard performer

casX Keyboard performer


  • Individual keyboard lessons
  • Improvisation
  • Reading and creativity
  • The difference between acoustic Piano and Synthesisers
  • Using synthetic sounds (know your sounds)
  • Playing alternative chords
  • Playing different styles

Song Writing

Song Writing:Our boys - casX

  • Writing a simple melody
  • Rhyme scheme
  • Colour and texture using chords (basic to advanced)
  • Exploring writing a chorus, hymn & genera; contemporary songs
  • Poetry
  • CCLI (how to register your songs
  • MCPS & PRS (the legal aspect)

Understanding Music Theory

Understanding Music Theory

  • Bar lines and Time Signatures

    Simple steps to understanding music theory

  • Time values (note lengths)
  • The Stave
  • Note Lettering
  • Correct Fingering
  • Bass & Treble clef
  • Rests
  • Accidentals
  • Dots & ties
  • Grouping Notes Correctly
  • Simple Rhythms & Melodies
  • Semitones and Tones
  • Scales
  • Keys (e.g. notes involved in the key of “C”)

What we guarantee

We can guarantee casX will offer your child and all our students:

  • Attainable Aims – goals they are always working toward and achieving
  • On-going mentoring of each student by the staff of The Academy.
  • The right people to help train and develop every student.

Drum Performance


Each child deserves the best

Each child deserves the best

  • Warm-up techniques
  • ‘Bass n drum’ accenting
  • Linear phasing
  • The importance of playing in time
  • Rhythm styles
  • Drums v percussion
  • Playing different styles

Band Clinic

Band Clinic:

  • The function of the instruments in the band/song
  • Instrument & Vocal Dynamics
  • Breaking down the various styles of music via demonstrations
  • Preparation for working in a recording studio
  • Visits to a recording studio (sitting in on sessions)
  • Bass n Drums clinic
  • Musical Director responsibility
  • Conducting skills

The life of a 'Pop Star'

We will also look at the ‘Life of a Pop Star’ :

  • Contracts
  • Dress-code
  • Regular Practice session
  • Working with a band
  • Character & heart issues
  • Maintaining your faith in ‘the music industry’

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