Velveta in car crash

Today, as Vel was collecting Esther from the train station, a mere 8-minute drive, a drunk driver hit two cars and then had a head-on collision with Velveta, totally writing of our car. At this time, I was working from home with a client and received a call from Vel’s mobile. (in pain, she managed to give her mobile phone to the driver of the first car hit by the drunk driver). My neighbour gave me a lift close to the scene, but by this time, the traffic congestion had built up. I had to run about 1000 yards or so. On arrival, I could see that Vel was in pain but stable, having been attended by several onlookers. We thank God for guardian angels. By this time, Esther had made her way, also by foot, to the accident scene,

The police confirmed the driver was three times over the alcohol level. The impact was so strong it deployed both the passenger and driver airbags. Vel was driving alone and as you can imagine, went into shock with some pain from the impact. After the arrival of two fire engines, six paramedics and many witnesses giving their accounts to the police, Vel was whisked down to the hospital accompanied by Esther and myself. Velisha also joined us at the hospital.

It was strange being back in the same hospital so soon after Velveta’s admission six months prior. Many of the hospital staff at the A & E remembered us. Again, we were able to celebrate life in the hospital. (I am sure they are now convinced that Velveta likes hanging out at the hospital) 🙂

Thanks to many of you for the inquiring calls and texts which have been pouring in. We would like to confirm that Vel is fine, though in a little pain.

All the x-rays have come back negative. We are now back home thanking our good Lord that he continues to surround us with His protective fire-shield. No weapon formed …!

Please continue to support us with prayers as we will you – remain focus and drive safely and prayerfully as the Christmas period approaches.

‘God is our helper in our very time of need. He will never forsake us.’ Hallelujah.

I dedicate this piece of music ‘Remain in me‘ composed a few months ago to Velveta, the woman of God WILL continue to bear much fruit in this season. Continue to worship our God, King and Creator.

~ Steve Thompson

Thanksgiving Worship & Celebration Service Update

Thanksgiving Worship & Celebration Service Update

On the 13th August 2017, we had the most amazing evening at City Gates Church, celebrating Velveta Thompson’s healing. With over 900 people present, we raised a sound of exuberant praise and worship to our God. We would like to thank the many friends that travelled to Ilford from all over the United Kingdom, someone travelling all the way from Paris.

Throughout the evening there was only one name that was lifted high, the name of Jesus. We were joined by many worship leaders, City Gates worship team & children’s ministry, dancers and intercessors. In between the worship, our hearts were moved by testimonies and video greetings from those who could not attend. (Video greetings beneath).

Thanksgiving Worship & Celebration Service for Velveta

(Photography by Orval Thomas)


We are thankful that the staff of Basildon hospital were present so we could personally thank them for the significant role they played in Velveta’s rehabilitation.

At the end of the evening, Velveta shared an awesome testimony of how God delivered her from the brink of death and restored her life from Critical illness to full restoration. During her testimony, one of her main appeals was a reminder to forgive and release those who may have hurt you, moving on with your life and allowing God to heal hearts, circumstances and broken relationships. The response from many to date has been overwhelming.

You could hear a pin drop as Vel shared her ‘out of body’ experience (still more to be shared) and how the presence of Jesus never left her throughout her period of being in a coma.

During the middle of the evening celebrations, I was personally reminded of how God changes our circumstances for the sake of His glory, He often uses our circumstances to change us. One thing we do know is that our family can never be the same again! Though He has promised to deliver us from our troubles, God may not do this in the way we think. The fact is, God, does more than just deliver us, He will go to whatever extent to develop us into the likeness of His Son and into the fullness of our God-given potential.

During a previous Bible study, I have noticed how often the word ‘through’ is used in Scripture. To get to the Promised Land, Israel had to go through the Red Sea, through the wilderness, and through the Jordan River.

‘As they pass through the Valley of Baca [brokenness, loss, grief, and weeping] they make it a spring…they go from strength to strength’ (Psalm 84:5-7 NKJV). ‘When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned’ (Isaiah 43:2 NKJV). (Word for Today).

Again, we encourage those of you who may still be waiting for your healing – trust God! He knows what He’s doing. Be patient! While God is working for you, He’s working in you. When you finally get through your difficult experience or circumstance, like us, you’ll look back and thank Him for the things He has taught you. There is much we have learnt throughout this experience and know there is still much more to be learnt (Someday we will share the wider aspect of this journey).

But for now, we simply want to say thank you for ‘journeying with us’ in faith, love and compassion. Let us know how we can also stand with you in prayer. Remain in faith, hope and expectancy that where two or three are gathered in HIS NAME, whatever we ask He will do immeasurably beyond all we can imagine or think. Blessings,

~ Steve T.

Video greetings played at the Thanksgiving service

Thanksgiving Worship Service for Velveta Thompson


Thanksgiving Worship Service – We prayed publicly for Velveta’s healing and God honoured our prayers by healing and restoring her body and life. Now we will worship publicly with Thanksgiving, giving God honour and adoration for His grace and mercy. Velveta Thompson, family and friends will be sharing testimonies of ‘The Journey’.

Come join us in thanksgiving and worship along with many other worship leaders including, Lara MartinMark BeswickHelen YousafJoel BrownMuyiwaMarcia Walder ThomasRemission SingersCity Gates Worship Team, and many others. There will be testimonies from intercessors in the UK including video messages from intercessors from other nations who were also praying for Velveta.

The evening starts at 5.30pm, so please be seated by 5.00pm. This will be an evening of Thanksgiving, reflection and worship to the Most-High God who delivered Velveta from the perimeter of death back to life.

‘When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned’ (Isaiah 43:2).

Message from Velveta

Dear wonderful friends, I wish I could respond to you all personally, but I am not well enough as yet  – still a long road to recovery. Thank you so much for thinking and praying for me. I tasted death but mercy said “NO!!” So much to tell but no energy to type. My husband Steve and City Gates Church have planned a thanksgiving service on Sunday 13th August at 5:30 pm. God willing, I will give my full testimony of how I came through.
There are gaps in my memory, and I have had to re-learn how to walk again. My energy level runs very low, but I’m alive!
I’m still here! Gods purpose is still at work in me.
Thank you for ??  praying. God heard and answered. He’s a miracle working God! ❤️ . Love You all! God woke me up from the coma for His glory! And I’m forever Grateful!

~ Velveta 

The secret place (Walk with me)

Sometimes words are not adequate to express a love that runs deeper than a thousand rivers and oceans, so I use melodies which simultaneously communicate multiple of emotions. During the family’s entire ‘faith journey’ in believing and trusting God for Velveta’s healing, I have rediscovered another dimension of gratitude, love and thankfulness to God for giving me such an amazing wife, phenomenal mother to our beautiful girls and a faithful friend to so many. So, during the beginning of this recovery period, in between taking care of Vel’s needs, I took part a day to compose and record an instrumental piece of music inspired by some incredible precious moments talking and sharing with Vel about her ‘journey’ as well as the incredible paintings created by Helen Yousaf.

Every waking moment, we thank God for ‘sending her back to us’ (we are all on loan :)), and her work on earth is not yet completed. Each day is a glorious day of grace and mercy manifesting itself in Vel’s body. A deep Well has been untapped!! Today, I was reminded of the invitation Jesus gave Zaccheus to spend time ‘hanging out’ with him. Today, was also an incredible day hanging out with ‘my boys’ enjoying deep, rich fellowship. What a reminder that God created us to ‘fellowship’. Jesus still extends His hand giving mankind the same invitation as Zaccheus, for us to spend time with Him. Salvation is the top of the agenda! Jesus said, ‘Whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst,’ she replied, ‘Sir, give me this water, that I may not thirst’ (vv. 14-15 NKJV). Everything happens for a reason – so that the glory of God may be revealed.

Today, was also an incredible day hanging out with ‘my boys’ enjoying deep, rich fellowship, laughter and tears. What a reminder that God created us to ‘fellowship’. Jesus still extends His hand, giving mankind the same invitation as Zaccheus, for us to spend time with Him. Salvation is the top of the agenda! Everything happens for a reason – so that the glory of God may be revealed leading to many finding and excepting Jesus as Lord of their lives.

Secret place‘ is a special place ordained by God, from the beginning of time, so that man could walk, talk and fellowship with Him. That secret place in our hearts is precious. Today, may we all rediscover, to a greater extent, that very secret place of prayer and WORSHIP.

‘My secret place (Walk with me)’

Final Update – Velveta (25.7.17)

Final Update on Velveta

We came to an agreement as a family after the first medical diagnosis that Velveta had a stroke, declaring she would walk out of the hospital without the aid of a zimmer frame or a walking stick. Not only was the diagnosis retracted, TODAY WAS THE DAY! We thank God for honouring our prayers.

On arrival at home, we had our first family Thanksgiving time, giving God thanks and praise for His faithfulness to us.

We will now take the time to allow Vel to recover her strength, rest and slowly, catch up on the last five weeks. We appreciate you all and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on 13th August 2017 @ 5.30pm for the Worship Thanksgiving Service. More details will follow in the next few days.