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Update on Ukraine May 2019

Update on Ukraine May 2019

BMI in Ukraine - May 2019

Music in worship 2019 - Ukraine

Become a voice not an echo...

Music in Worship 2019 – Become a Voice, Not an Echo

This has to be the most successful Music in Worship conference to date.  From May 9-11, 2019, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary (UETS) held its 5th international Music in Worship conference. The conference saw over 300 people from all over Ukraine gathered together to deepen their understanding of worship. It’s such a privilege to be a part of an International team led by conference founder Fred Heuman. Music in Worship also gathered Musicians and singers from USA, Ukraine and United Kingdom. The host of the conference Maryna Yarmolenko leads the music department at UETS and has done a superb job in directing the general development of music students who study at the college for three years. Though this is the fifth year and much help impetus has always come from outside, this year saw many Ukraine worship leaders ‘rising up’ and taking their place. 

Says Steve, ‘I have always believed we as International helpers, must set up projects, events, etc which ‘arms’ a nation to ‘survive’, but also allowing them to finally take ownership of the direction they feel God is leading THEIR NATION …’


Music in Worship 2019

Music in Worship, 2019Це був дивовижний час поклоніння, нових відкриттів, знайомств, рішень і викликів.Як це відбувалось, відео від Lana Dmitrenko#uets #uetsnet #уєтс #musicinworship #praiseandworship

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Українська Євангельська Теологічна семінарія στις Τετάρτη, 15 Μαΐου 2019

This year, ten well-known Ukrainian writers, composers, performers, worship leaders, project coordinators and teachers, such as Bria Blessing, Andrey Chmut, Hryfel Andriy, Vladislav Budeev, Anna Kindzerska and Sergei Lvov, contributed to the event by conducting seminars or workshops. Steve was amongst the several speakers delivering seminars and workshops throughout the conference as well as leading worship along with the International team.

This was a special Music In Worship conference for Steve as his friend and the head of London School of Theology music Department, Jeremy Perigo, joined the International team.

Again, a few delegates had to leave early as they had travelled (not by plane) over 12 hours in order to attend the conference. Amazing!!!

On 1 – 6 October 2019, BMI will be returning to Ukraine to record the several songs written by Ukraine songwriters at the Songwriting Consultation. (More information to follow!) We are thankful for these key, significant open-doors to minister to our brothers and sisters in Eastern Europe.

~ Steve Thompson

Music in Worship 2019

Бути голосом, а не відлуннямЩе одне нагадування про прекрасний час, який ми провели разом з учасниками міжнародної конференції з поклоніння Music in Worship. Ще більше вражень і відгуків в новому відео від Lana Dmitrenko#uets #uetsnet #уєтс #musicinworship #praiseandworship

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Українська Євангельська Теологічна семінарія στις Τρίτη, 4 Ιουνίου 2019

Gospel Xpression Presentation

Steve spent a few days preparing, delivering and facilitating a consultation on Gospel Music in Ukraine

  • The plan is to record an album with a mass choir or with New Life Gospel Group, band and orchestra
  • The history of gospel music was shared with a small audience
  • All songs to be used has been written by Ukrainian songwriters

Not many gathered at this presentation as it was an ‘invite only’ event (though we believe this should have been a more open event). However, this was an outstanding event as New Life Gospel Group kicked off the evening with some golden Gospel numbers then the presentation of two new songs written at the Songwriting Consultation on March 2019.

Steve then lead some worship and quickly moving unto sharing the ‘history of Gospel music’ starting from the plantations in Africa, developing in the USA and eventually Europe. The vision of recording many of the new Ukrainian written gospel songs was then shared by Steve, the evening ending with New Life Gospel Group.

Where is God in suffering?

Where is God in suffering?

Where is God in Suffering?

Vel on Radio 



How can we stay close to God in everyday life? Over the coming month, a special Woman to Woman ‘Be Real’ episode will be released each week addressing topics such as suffering, sex and hearing the voice of God.

Does God still heal today?


From the ashes the Father brings life. From disappointment and helplessness, He brings comfort and hope. From Coma, meningitis, bleed on the brain & septicemia the Father releases healing. God has done it before and he can do it again. However, we need to trust in his everlasting love, goodness and mercy. 

‘Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life…’

Update on BMI Mission to Serbia 2019

Update on BMI Mission to Serbia 2019

Well here ends another BMI Mission trip – Serbia. Evangelism is such a key aspect of our faith as is the equipping of the body of Christ. 
Numerical growth cannot be the focus of any local church but getting involved in reaching a lost society and the communities we live in. Transfer of believers from one church to another does not reflect the true effectivity of evangelism or the growth of The church generically.
One of the days here in Serbia I was speaking on priorities and as part of my reflection as we now get ready to leave Serbia is this thought – when evangelism dies as a priority, the church has already begun to die. We as part of a local church need to be more outward intentional with our activities rather than inward.
My heartstrings again are being pulled with a passion not only for evangelism but the very reason I travelled to what is now my 115th country. I have had the privilege of travelling and serving with a most excellent team of equally passionate friends – to join the program of the second phase of church growth which is discipleship and equipping. What a joy to have spent the last few days equipping the brothers and sisters primarily from the Roma Community in the area of worship & mission. This trip mission trip has reminded me how linked Worship & Mission are to Evangelism. 
Great that we can all play our part using the incredible gifts, talents and resources God has given each of us. Looking at our own team members, each so very different, coming from diverse backgrounds but sharing complimentary gifting and abilities. 
This particular Mission trip, more than others has challenged me (actually all of us) – I need to do more in the Kingdom of God as we get the earth – all tribes, nations, communities, peoples – ready for the return of Jesus.

‘…the desolate places will be desolate no more…’

Thanks to the team members for joining us in pouring your love out on the Serbian brothers & sisters and the Roma Community. It has certainly been my honour. Thank you also to our Serbian brothers & sisters for opening your hearts and lavishing us with such an outstanding awesome hosting sensitivity. Thank you, Alan Lin, Sladjan Milenkovic and all at The Hub for your vision for this nation. 
Finally, thanks to Velveta for keeping a prayer watch on us all throughout the entire Mission trip. Our hearts for the nations ‘the desolate places will be desolate no more …’

HUB / Nedelja slavljenja

Kratak video o izuzetnoj nedelji iza nas! Short video of such a great week that we had!

Δημοσιεύτηκε από HUB / Hrišćansko udruženje Beograd / Christian Trust Belgrade στις Δευτέρα, 15 Απριλίου 2019

Reflection From Jemimah Paine

A couple of things that stood out for me from last week were …. meeting the Roma community who had huge hungry hearts for worship and to learn more about how to exercise their musical gifting in a more excellent and sensitive way. It was also singing a mixture of Christian and secular songs in the cafe last week in order to bridge the gap for some people who may not have been Christians there. And finally, to really lift Serbia and Europe up in prayer and even cry for and with them for the freedom of their land and for a boldness of faith to rise up in the Roma and wider Serbian community 🙂


Reflection From Grace Adelakun

I am beyond grateful to have been able to play a very small part in what the Lord is doing in Serbia.
In coming on the ministry trip I had in mind to pour out/serve and the Lord has allowed me to come back much richer and full, because of the hearts we came into contact with.
There is an undeniable move of the Lord happening in Serbia, hearts turning, songs being birthed and for me, joining in the sound of worship being released from the Nation is and always will be the greatest privilege.


Reflection From Emma Worby

Significance of this trip for me: Bringing back a fresh understanding of leadership within the worship team back home, including the importance of instilling and nurturing the missionary calling and nature that all our ministry should have inside and outside the church.  Working as a team and learning to give others a ‘step up’ before favouring yourself by celebrating their unique gifting, character, experience, culture and revelation of God. Seeing them start to realise they have the power in and upon them and then, in turn, being encouraged to step out yourself. Sitting under the vision and leadership of more experienced pioneers and missionaries as well as leaders within the worship and church setting. Leaders with a heart and vision to reach the lost and see God’s kingdom come to the broken both inside and outside the church. Gaining a greater understanding of how, practically, we can further the kingdom in spirit, truth with all diligence. Learning the importance of understanding, patience, and wisdom from God. As well as being influenced by the unique work God is doing in Serbia, including, I believe a spiritual deposit that will change many lives and cause vision to be birthed and carried back into the UK and beyond. Also, I loved seeing the receptivity of people who don’t know Christ as they listened to the words of the gospel portrayed in speech and song at the cafe outreach. I sensed a real beautiful openness to the Spirit of God which was so encouraging to witness.

Songwriting Consultation – Ukraine 2019

Songwriting Consultation – Ukraine 2019

Songwriting Consultation - Ukraine 2019 Update

Steve & Velveta returned to Ukraine as part of their ongoing Mission to Eastern Europe. This trip, they were invited to facilitate a Songwriting Consultation, organised to teach specific writers how to write specific songs for a Gospel Choir. In October 2019 there will be a live recording with over 100 choir members, band and orchestra. 

So, songwriters from all over Ukraine were invited to take part in several workshops with Steve & Vel where they taught on how to write songs towards the album. Steve & Vel conducted several sessions where the delegates were placed in small groups and encouraged to write thematic songs.

The next stage will be the arduous task of setting up some form of Publishing as well as introducing CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International). Much prayer is needed toward this particular individual project.

Дякуючи #GospelXpress2019:ПОЧАТОК, познайомились із талановитимиSerhiy Dobosh та Євгеній Мусієць (Yevgenii Musiiets)! Це просто неймовірне виконання!

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Gospel Express στις Πέμπτη, 28 Μαρτίου 2019

Some of the delegates travelled over 13 hours one-way to be part of the Songwriting Consultation.

In May 2019, BMI will be returning to Ukraine to start working on the songs with a few of the singers.

~ Steve Thompson



During the conference, two musicians who were part of the conference made an impromptu performance. They will also be part of the Express Gospel Choir live recording in October.

Gospel Xpress 2019:ПОЧАТОК

Трохи поділимося з вами, що ж відбувалося на нашому інтенсиві з написання пісень #GospelXpress2019:ПОЧАТОК, який відбувся 22-24 березня за участю Steve Thompson і Velveta Thompson.Як ми вже писали, в результаті цього з'явилось більше десяти нових пісень! Вражаючий результат!

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Gospel Express στις Τρίτη, 23 Απριλίου 2019

Ukraine 2018 Update

Ukraine 2018 Update

Well, there we were on the eve of the concert – final rehearsal – choir, band and crew working incredibly hard. This is the first time for many singing in a gospel choir!
The atmosphere is electric – even before the actual final performance and worship, much has been accomplished. Haha – I hope I haven’t ‘worked’ these dear folks too hard ?
We have been so blessed by the multiple testimonies of what has taken place in peoples lives throughout the last few days. There have been illnesses, sore voices, but these troops have soldiered through. 
Yeah … very humbled to be here in Ukraine ??

So, ‘Gospel Express’ will go down in my historical journals as one of my most fulfilling events where dreams, visions and aspirations were realised. The essence of the young and old in one choir declaring the goodness of Jesus in Ukraine. 
I have made many more new friends and do indeed celebrate great memories that will be etched in my heart forever … so. until the next event 

‘Heaven’ – Gospel Express Live
Steve interview on TBN (Ukraine)
Что несет в себе музыка в стиле го́спел?

О музыке в стиле го́спел с британским продюсером и музыкантом Стивеном Томпсоном в КлубеLIFE#КлубLIFE

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Клуб LIFE - στις Τετάρτη, 28 Νοεμβρίου 2018