New Single from Esther Thompson

New Single from Esther Thompson

New single by Esther Thompson

If I had More Time
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Beracah Music released a new single by Esther Thompson.

BMI releases a new single – Esther Thompson. Beautiful ballad portraying the journey of saying goodbye to a Grandparent, with the longing for some extra time for prolonged conversations and a delayed moment to bid farewell.

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Velveta sings What Kind of greatness

Velveta sings What Kind of greatness

Amid a rollercoaster of an arduous personal journey throughout 2020, it is our great pleasure to present this incredible song written by our long-time friend, Graham Kendrick – ‘What Kind of greatness‘. A musical piece which explores the beautiful gift of Heaven to us, and our response to Abba Father.
Great hearing Velveta’s angelic voice, heart and passionate worship, especially with the medical challenges she has suffered over the last three years.
During this Christmas period of 2020, in the midst of …, we continue to bring our finest gift of worship to our Lord Jesus Christ.
Activities in Heaven

Activities in Heaven

Just a thought … whilst having our devotion together this morning, I suddenly received a revelation/vision reminding Vel and myself of this beautiful fact – there is much activity in Heaven – even whilst we are sleeping or otherwise engaged. Activities that would blow our natural minds.
My prayers today are that we can catch a clearer glimpse of that which is happening in the spirit-world as this will probably draw and paint a clearer context to some of the things we are wrestling with here on the earth -even the arduous situations and circumstances we simply cannot grapple or understand.
Know today my brothers and sisters, we have a hope in Jesus and our heavenly dwelling place which will far transcend any experience here on earth. 1 Cor 2:9, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him”. The experiences of heaven will far surpass anything experienced here on earth. However, today my mind, heart and spirit are reminding me not to over-focus on the earthly activities. To make sure everything we do or not do, is aligned with getting the earth and ourselves ready for the return of our Jesus Christ.
Whilst praying I had a sudden reminder that my thoughts were so consumed with all the things I need to do today (lots and lots of ‘things’. Let’s make sure everything we do has ETERNAL VALUE. 😀 – so a few things I thought were urgent, have now been placed on hold or bunsen burner – a few other things I will not be doing and a few events I may or may not attend (we don’t need to attend every event we are invited to). We so want God and Heaven’s timing to umpire our today’s decisions! Be blessed as together, we seek the Father’s heart concerning ALL THINGS!

~ Steve

NTA Singer’s Reflections

Grace Adelakun

        Grace Adelakun

Grace Adelakun writes …

So grateful to have been able to work with BMI, for the National Television Awards 2020. For me, it’s a experience that I will not forget any time soon. The opportunity to work with so many gifted artists – from diverse backgrounds and unite in sound was something truly special. I am very grateful to the BMI Executive Team for their constant encouragement, love and support of the choir every step of the way- everything from the communication, studio rehearsals to the actual musical arrangement was done with great professionalism and excellence. The experience was seamless from beginning to end and the clear focus from the very start, was that Jesus would be exalted in the opportunity and in our sound….The real high point of the experience was not the stage and lights (..albeit a phenomenal production), but working alongside people with a similar heart and mind- I am fuller and richer for that!

~ Grace   

Deborah Oso

         Deborah Oso

Debbie Oso writes …

I still can’t quite put into words what yesterday meant. But here goes. This moment was not about our few minutes of being live on stage and broadcast to 12 or so million people I believe they said. It was bigger than that. For some of us, buried confidence arose. For others it was the opportunity to rub shoulders with experienced vocalists. For most, the atmosphere of unity and getting to do what we love alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ, brought great joy and a reminder of the great privilege we had been given. What Uncle Steve and Aunty Velveta did was help create a come as you are atmosphere. All felt accepted, all felt loved and all felt safe in their hands to boldly use the gift that God had given them. Different ranges, textures and tones were all carefully chosen by their sharp ears (and I do mean sharp), to create a beautiful sound to minister far and beyond what was asked. For someone like me who is still till this day trying to understand what my voice can do and not be afraid of it because it doesn’t quite fit into someone’s idea, being part of this meant the world to me. Uncle Steve and Aunty Vel are SPECIAL. I have NEVER met anyone like them. They are the real deal! I am so thankful and honoured. For what they have poured out and continue to pour out, I pray they receive it back tenfold!

~ Deborah

     Assistant to Steve & Velveta

Sonia Lynch writes …

It was both a priveledge and pleasure to work with Steve & Velveta on the Admin and Operational side of this great project.  Behind the scenes there was a lot of emails and contractual work to to be dealt with but Steve and Vel handled all of this with professionalism and ease! I wasn’t able to get down to see the studio recording of the song on Saturday but when I heard it  – it was plain to hear the unified voices. I had to listen to it again, it sounded heavenly!   Each and every person selected for the choir was gifted, humble and in unity with each other – Steve & Vel’s selection was anointed!

I was excited when I arrived with Velveta, Steve & Esther on Monday the 27th for the first rehearsal day. As we were led to the dressing room it felt surreal!  The first rehearsal with Matt was about positioning all the choir members and working out the dance sequence!  The choir all looked so beautiful in their different outfits (the Stylist’s did such an excellent job as if they knew each person personally!). Tuesday 28th was the dress rehearsal and a run through on the main stage. Sitting watching  this I was thinking Wow they look & sound spectacular!

During the two day there was lots of time for the choir members to practice their singing, steps and turns! The most memorable times for me was when everyone was in the dressing room. There were lots of conversation and stories to share about faith and life; singing, joking and loads of laughter, there was much Joy (that real deep down Joy when you know who you are and you shine for Jesus!) and an overall peace.

 I guess the highlight for me was standing by the side of the stage with Steve, Vel and Jermaine (my son) watching the live proformance! The atmosphere was electric and I felt proud (not for the first time) of every single member of the choir, they looked and sounded so amazing and their professionalism was second to none.  Thoughtout the few days, Steve & Vel had time for everyone.  They encouraged, nutured, supported and prayed – what a pleasure & honour to be part of this journey with them. The key words throughout the few days was Unity, Joy and professionalism. Jesus’ name was definitely Glorified in all of this!

As one of the singers, Molly Baldwin reflected on her experience singing in the BMI choir, she painted the above picture.

Jemimah Paine

Singing for the NTA’s was an immense privilege! I am so grateful for the opportunity to sing with some incredibly gifted singers & share our love for Jesus together! Everyone was so professional, welcoming and encouraging! 


Arne T.

God blessed us with an amazing opportunity and fellowship so that we could bless the production team by shining His light and sing to His glory in this unusual and special place.


Sukanah Simpson

I had an amazing experience with the BMI choir and team. Happy for photos to be used and shared as BMI wishes to do so. 

BMI Choir perform at NTA 2020

BMI Choir perform at NTA 2020

For the second time, Indigo Television contacted BMI, commissioning them to create a choir, arrange and perform the song ‘You raise me up‘ for the opening of the 25th Anniversary of the National Television Award 2020. Immediately Steve & Velveta handpicked twenty-five vocalist from very different cultural, musical and ethnic backgrounds. The script was to create a ‘slick’ yet humorous performance. While the choir is singing, the idea was for the host for the evening, David Walliams to be hoisted-up above the choir.

Over three weeks, Steve consulted with Indigo Television and devised a plan to prepare the selected singers for a live performance at the prestigious o2 Arena. The end-results were phenomenal as the 25 singers surpassed and exceeded Steve & Velveta’s expectation, receiving high praises from the Executives and Producers of the Awards show.

You can read about the Singers’ Reflection, as they share their own experiences.

            Steve Thomspon – Director (BMI)

What an awesome privilege to work alongside so many gifted professionals all brought together by Indigo Television. We are thankful to Andy Bates, the senior producer who believed in my work over the years, in particular, the vocal arrangements for the 2016 National Television Awards opening with Gloria Gaynor and Revelation Avenue. 

In particular, we are thankful to Antonio Castle (Daughter of the late Roy Castle), a family which we have worked with and loved over the years. As the stage manager, and liaison personnel along with Producer, Lauren Gallen, she made our task so much easier and enjoyable with an eye for details. That is quite true of the entire Indigo Television team.

Again, BMI is thankful for the opportunity to collaborate and work to such high standards, learning so much throughout the entire project.

~ Steve Thompson

The BMI Choir

It has been a great honour, blessing and opportunity to be involved in the NTA ITV 2020 award show.
When Steve was approached to put a choir together and arrange a song for NTA, we had no idea the journey we would be on.

When Steve was contacted and to put a choir together and arrange a song for NTA, we had no idea the journey we would be on. First, we prayed about the choice of choir members as individuals needed to represent Christ by having a good heart as well as their gifting.

Well, this turned out to be the best representation of the unity of the body of Christ, as each individual’s personality & character spoke ‘volumes’.
From the recording studio staff to the stylists, the stage management, the Choreographer, Make-up team and stylist, they all commented on how easy it was to work with the team. Two of the stylist so enjoyed hanging out with the singers, after the choir’s performance, they stayed in our dressing room and came to our suite to watch the rest of the Awards. On leaving the suite, they hugged us all, expressing once again how blessed they felt to be around us.
This demonstration of unity is Christ in motion. To be a Christian is to be Christ-like.
‘We are the light of the world…’ is what the Bible says.
The BMI choir made heaven proud. Steve, Sonia and I, as the executive team, was overwhelmed at the fellowship and heart of our team. Thank you, BMI Choir!

~ Velveta Thompson

BMI Choir at the NTA 2020 VBlog

Triumphant Victory

Triumphant Victory

Triumphant Victory

Triumphant Victory

Triumphant Victory

Triumphant Victory

This season has to be the most challenging for Velveta, myself and the family, healthwise. However, amid the ups and downs, we can also testify to the fundamental lessons we continue to learn. By placing our trust in the incredible acts of love and compassion of the Father, we continue to experience ‘my grace has been made sufficient in our times of need’. We were indeed not promised a garden of roses as our aboard, but it is amazing when you see the most beautiful flower budding in the centre of the dry, water-absence ground. Then you know that flower is part of a colossal miracle works of the Father.

With these thoughts and deciding to stand on the word, I am often inspired to compose and record music as a reflection or simply as a means to say thank you to Abba Father. We continue to experience ‘Heaven in our hearts’ and the peace of God surrounding our family. From that standpoint, I felt another urge to compose a particular piece of music, this time for my darling wife, Velveta. The instrumental music composition is title ‘Triumphant Victory’, declaring ‘Your praise proceeds your victory’.

Your praise proceeds your victory



During November 2019, saw us introduced to a beautiful couple from Asia. They were dealing with great ‘difficulty’ in the homeland. Again, I had an urge to compose a piece of music for them, which we decided to title ‘Springtime’. We all experience ‘winter seasons’ in our lives, which often seems so much longer than other seasons.

As we shared the word the Lord had given us for them, ‘The winter season has passed, Springtime HAS NOW come’, they communicated that a year previously, they had received the same word. This new journey serves as a reminder to continue praying for our brothers and sisters in other nations.

Triumphant Victory

Prayer Request

Would you continue praying for Velveta as she continues to believe God for full healing to her body.

  • With the aid of crutches, she is just about able to walk
  • Pray for the ministry ‘Beracahmusic Ministries International as we continue to serve the nations
  • Please also pray for the family as we navigate providing the best care for Velveta.

Feel free to contact us at simply to share your personal testimony or even your own prayer request.

Let’s continue standing together raising ‘a hallelujah’ to our King who saves, delivers and extends his arms of love to all mankind.