Activities in Heaven

Activities in Heaven

Just a thought … whilst having our devotion together this morning, I suddenly received a revelation/vision reminding Vel and myself of this beautiful fact – there is much activity in Heaven – even whilst we are sleeping or otherwise engaged. Activities that would blow our natural minds.
My prayers today are that we can catch a clearer glimpse of that which is happening in the spirit-world as this will probably draw and paint a clearer context to some of the things we are wrestling with here on the earth -even the arduous situations and circumstances we simply cannot grapple or understand.
Know today my brothers and sisters, we have a hope in Jesus and our heavenly dwelling place which will far transcend any experience here on earth. 1 Cor 2:9, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him”. The experiences of heaven will far surpass anything experienced here on earth. However, today my mind, heart and spirit are reminding me not to over-focus on the earthly activities. To make sure everything we do or not do, is aligned with getting the earth and ourselves ready for the return of our Jesus Christ.
Whilst praying I had a sudden reminder that my thoughts were so consumed with all the things I need to do today (lots and lots of ‘things’. Let’s make sure everything we do has ETERNAL VALUE. 😀 – so a few things I thought were urgent, have now been placed on hold or bunsen burner – a few other things I will not be doing and a few events I may or may not attend (we don’t need to attend every event we are invited to). We so want God and Heaven’s timing to umpire our today’s decisions! Be blessed as together, we seek the Father’s heart concerning ALL THINGS!

~ Steve

We don’t always feel like worshiping , praising or praying

We don’t always feel like worshiping , praising or praying

On Sunday, 28th August 2016, travelling home on our way back from ‘David’s Tent’ on Sunday (a 72-hour worship festival), we encountered so much traffic on the motorway. Eventually, we came to a standstill in the fast lane. Just as the traffic started moving again, our car battery just cut out completely. We could immediately sense what was going on!
RAC said to call the police as it would take them a while to come. There were a few close misses as impatient cars sped by. Eventually, as we in a dangerous position and the flow of cars passing by was picking up again, I told Velveta to get out, so there we were standing on the side of the fast lane.

Unbelievably after four telephone calls, it took the police 45 mins to arrive – quite shocking really!
When the police (highway security) eventually came, they stopped all cars, but after asking, they said they had no jump leads. We could not push the vehicle because the automatic brake would not work as there was no power at all.

At this time, the highway security redirected all the traffic off the M25, also moving Velveta and myself across to the other side of the motorway where it was safer. There was very little dialogue between the highway security and us, so at one stage we had no idea what was happening.

So, in the cold weather, feeling a little confused we just started singing and worshiping. (The day before, we were at Wembley conducting the Rugby League choir and 72.000+ fans in the hymn ‘Abide with me’ – lol! Now, what a contrast, just Velveta and I were singing in the dark, lonely empty M25. All of a sudden, Vel screamed and told me she had been bitten – we looked down and realised we were standing in a pool of ants!! I can imagine how strange it must have looked to the highway security seeing us jumping up and down across the motorway and further down from where we were waiting.

When we managed to get all the ants off our shoes, I held Vel, and we continued singing & worshiping – there is a difference between just singing a song and worshipping while you sing ?).

Anyhow, eventually after about an hour, the security lorry arrived. Immediately I asked if the officers had some jump leads, a question to which they responded ‘yes’.
The car started immediately so we then said thanks and that we would get on our way. The highway security officers insisted we still put the vehicle on the lorry (this did not make sense at the time).
But, when they drove us just 5 minutes as we were near the service station where we could have easily have called the RAC if needed, the breakdown recovery driver told us ‘so you will now need £150.00 from you!!! You can imagine our shock. He looked at us and apologised and communicated that he was only doing his job but could not understand why the car had to be driven onto his lorry, then taken off the motorway. This whole escapade is now under investigation.

However, the point of sharing is – in all circumstances, even when we don’t understand certain junctures, roads or part of a ‘journey’ continue worshiping. We all have to go through stuff, but it is during these moments, the real test begins – do we really believe half the songs we sing? When faced with adverse and inconvenient circumstance what will be our response? To be honest, ours was a mixture of annoyance, bewilderment AND Praise. ?

Whatever you may be facing today – stand firm – be resilient and never stop worshipping. Check your attitude as this often reveals our character and faith. Thank the Lord, after parting with cash 🙁  – we eventual arrived home.

Set free to fly

Set free to fly

Just a thought today …. What is to be totally free? What does freedom really imply? We often quote the scripture, ‘we shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free (John 8:32) … whom the Son has set free is free indeed.’ Yet sometimes, most of us long to fully experience being inwardly, completely and totally free. This freedom is then expressed outwardly. (I will tell about one of those moments later!)

Today after experiencing an incredible joy and freedom as Velveta and I led worship at a local church, I was thinking …. outward expression of freedom is so important to certain countries/churches where there is tyranny and dictatorship – I have been to a few of them – countries I mean – lol!
As our minds are so conditioned in many aspects, from relationships, society, etc there is no wonder we are told through the word to ‘renew’ the mind each day – this can only be done, not by listening to other’s opinion of you and trying to become an altered version of the perfect ‘you’ God created, but by the very WORD OF GOD – the Truth.

Today, in particular, many churches are focused on the activity of the Holy Spirit – today being Pentecost Sunday. But, every day, we must allow the Holy Spirit to remind us that we are cleaned, washed and set free by the cross of Jesus – Amen!
So, find your space, your corner, worship Jesus with ‘full voice’ and enjoy the experience – similar to the flight of an eagle.

The other day I was getting petrol and the anointing, the cold Essex wind AND joy simultaneously grabbed a hold of my emotions. I expressed myself ‘very loudly’. The lady on my left also taking petrol gave me ‘an interesting look’. Not always wise to speak in tongues loudly whilst taking petrol – I don’t make this a habit – lol).

Everything looks different from the perspective and height of an eagle. Today, you can take that flight! Our prayer today is that hearts and minds may be healed – as you dare to take that ‘flight’! Have a great day!


Performance versus/and Ministry

Performance versus/and Ministry

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Steve Thompson

Just a few thoughts this morning stemming from my devotion and after reading a few Facebook posts over the last few weeks ….

I have read quite a few interesting FB post with great truths and advice to those of us involved in the ‘Creative Arts & Ministry’ (Perhaps the order of these two words could be switched dependant on the focus of our personal creative and ministerial output, as well as how we view ourselves and what we primarily do). Are we purely a recording & performing artist? A Minister of Music or both? Are we defined by what we do or/and who we are?

It is imperative that we as ‘Ministers of Worship & Music’, continue to separate the ‘calling and great commissioning’ versus the merely exhibiting of our ‘purpose-given talents’ and gifts whilst re-evaluating who we are IN Christ and what we do BECAUSE of Christ. Out of the abundance of a life, sold out for Christ, the mouth & heart relates & speaks. This is also true if we become too self-consumed with an egoistical & self-promotional drive to be ‘known’ & respected in our ‘field’. I am sure I am not the only one who has been constantly concerned that we may merely be using secularised formulas to infiltrate a very broken & hurting world with formulas that will always fall short of bringing (not ‘binging’ ? ) the gospel, not just our ability into a very needy world & environment.

I guess this re-opens up a real passionate area for me ‘Performance V Ministry‘ instead of potentially ‘Performance & Ministry‘. I believe true christian ministry starts with facilitating the needs of others. Can we as a Christ-followers be in a secular environment without sharing the abundance & joy of a life sold out for Christ, over-flowing through and with ‘creative’ and interesting life-changing stories of a really transformed-life. There is a great disparity between the ‘act of performance’ and the ‘act of ministry’. Performing is for the pleasure and approval of the audience, whereas, ministry should be for the approval and glory of God!

At the end of our lives, most of us will always be remembered by the life that we lived and the lives that we touched & influenced way beyond the songs, events or ‘gigs’ that we have played. Being Influential carries a higher memorabilia ticket than just being ‘successful’ or rephrased another way – ‘true success is displayed in how influential you are’. Lives that have been touched by our own lives is so important.

Wherever Jesus went – ‘something happened’ – ‘stories were told’ (same stories still being told today) – people followed and talked about him (still happening today) but most importantly, lives were changed & transformed!!! So, with all the accolades man can give you, I prefer the applauds of Heaven as an ambassador of heaven.


Hang on in there


Just a thought whilst praying today …. The weapons will be formed – we go through various circumstances – people walk away from you – you feel the tendency and ‘soulish’ urge to walk away from people – maybe someone that God has actually placed in your life for yours and His purpose. BUT this morning whilst praying and trying to listen to the echoes of the Father’s voice and heaven’s songs, I would like to encourage you our friends – or a particular person whom this may be relevant, don’t make any major or hasty decisions whilst being in the middle or even possibly the last part of your temporary situation that IS subject to change. God will often hold us at a particular ‘place’ in our lives or what seems to be an unchanging situation for a season and a half ? …. Yes a loooong season I can hear someone saying!
Oft times, our focus is placed on our desire for the situation or circumstance to change, whilst the Father’s desire is for US to change and become more like His son Jesus!
Be encouraged my brothers and sisters – as we continue to pray for each other – STAY at that place – as arduous as it may feel. I sense deep down in my heart, the Father is saying WHEN you come through ‘your fire’ much stuff will be burnt off and you will be as Gold – fit and ready for His service and more ready to facilitate the Kingdom-calling on all our lives!
Have a blessed week being a blessing to those around you. Become the change you want to see! You WILL come through!

God is shifting many things around!

God is shifting many things around!

There is no doubt God is shifting many things around during this season of ‘change’! It is time to be prayerful and discerning. Listening to God with an acute spiritual ear. Do not become distracted by things that may ‘seem’ out of place or people that may seem to be misfits. I am relearning that there is much to be understood about God’s timing, agenda and sovereign will. I have never been so hungry to simply get it ‘right’ in this season. Getting it right does not mean you line-up with a human expectation or desire for you to become a particular person, but to walk in obedience to everything God requires and desires from us. First on the agenda is that we love one another with a ‘Godly love’ that is not demanding, but understanding of the season with its many paradigm shifts. Today, fine time in your schedule simple to sit in His presence and listen. Have a blessed day!