Divine Exchange – how does it work?

You simply let us know if you have a musical instrument or audio sound equipment you don’t need or/and you can also request gear that you need

The Equipment

Please ensure that the equipment is in good working order, preferably in its original packaging. (Please note: this is not imperative).

When advertising, please be precise with all requested information pertaining to the actual equipment.

Get In Touch

If there are any concerns, please contact the ‘giver’ or receiver’ directly. Or you can contact us by email.



Postage or Delivery

It is your responsibility to arrange postage or delivery by contacting the ‘donor’ or ‘receipient’ directly.

Divine Exchange Policy


Instead of what it would have cost you to purchase the item. we would kindly ask you to consider supporting any one of the three mentioned Ministries or Charities

Recommended Charities & Ministries


Christians Against Poverty

Cap is aiming to start 1,000 CAP centres covering the UK, each bringing life-changing freedom and good news to people in desperate need. ‘Always through the Church. Always hope’.

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Ukranian Evangelical Theological Seminary

UETS is a cross-denominational bible seminary in Ukraine. Due to the lack of financial resources, each student pays 25% of the fees, whilst the Seminary raises support to cover the shortfall.

View Details


Creative School of Excellence

CasX provides music education to children from all backgrounds and financial status. Raising the next generation of musicians, singers and creative children.

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‘We are blessed to be a blessing’

I am so pleased to have received both an acoustic and electric guitar. My writing has gone up another level since acquiring my guitars. One day, I know I will also be able to give equipment away.

- Esther Thompson

Song Writer & Worship Leader

BMI Divine Exchange Team

We are needing assistance with the development of ‘Divine Exchange’ so please contact us if you have organisational experience in this area. This is a totally new concept for us.

Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson


Velveta Thompson

Velveta Thompson


Esther Thompson

Esther Thompson


God has surely blessed me with such beautiful guitars! When I was about 14, I attended a graduation ceremony and the gifts that a few students were given were Taylor guitars. I remember saying to my parents with such excitement ‘I’d love to have one of those!’ All of a sudden, with just one conversation, my dad was able to get me my own custom made, white Taylor guitar! As you can imagine, I was in awe.

About a year later, to be very honest, I found myself not practising the guitar at all due to studies…and lack of motivation! I then remember thinking that an acoustic guitar would probably be more beneficial to have at that time for my own worship time in my room.

Fast forward to summer of last year (2018), my uncle randomly tells me about an electric acoustic guitar that he has had for a while and if I would like it. Look at God! He hears and answers at the right time and the right way!

All glory to Him.

~ Esther

Happy ‘Givers’ & ‘Receivers’

Please let us know once you have received or given an item away (Portrait is from the picture library)

-Who will be the first


Please let us know once you have received or given an item away (Portrait is from the picture library)

- Who will be the first


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Please remember to pray about an item you request or would like to give away – make the transaction a ‘Divine  Exchange’

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