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Don’t hoard, why not ‘Divine Exchange’?

 Let us encourage the sharing of resources

At the beginning of 2019, a particular item in my studio developed a mechanical failure.  I was just about to replace it when suddenly  I thought,

“There must be someone who has the item I need?” It may even possibly be gathering dust or it may simply be a duplicate piece of equipment – but nonetheless, not being used.

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Having advertised on social media as an experiment, the response was overwhelming. The end result was BMI receiving the item by post within a few days of placing the request.

From that moment, Velveta and I discussed the various ways that we could be a part of a “sharing community”. This would involve helping musicians to break the ‘hoarding mentality’ whilst helping out one another




Our Story

Over the years we have given away musical instruments and equally received instruments such as guitars, keyboards, bass amps, guitar amps, microphones, etc. Our motto has always been, “we are blessed to be a blessing”. This included both receiving and freely giving away cars that we no longer were using or needed. We are not by any means rich, but from early on in our ministry, we learnt from our mentors that “there are many blessings in giving’.

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Currently as I write, Velveta and I are arranging to give away an acoustic guitar to a family who is in need of this instrument. They have all decided to all learn to play the acoustic guitar with the intention to be able to worship together. What a joy to be part of the start and also part of this wonderful journey with them.


Our Mission

The mission is very simple …

To be able to help people in need sets an example for your children, family and friends. When you give to others, it sets a powerful and positive tone for the day. Giving induces high levels of fulfilment and happiness that radiates an attractiveness others are drawn to. Once you start giving, you cannot stop. We learnt many years ago that giving to others is a jumpstart cable to a healthy life-long habit. Helping others and charitable giving has a profound ripple effect.

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 One single act of kindness could change lives in more ways than you can possibly fathom. We ‘grow’ and ‘develop’ by giving. Selflessness changes you in a remarkable way. So, our simple mission is to encourage a particular type of giving in the area we have worked for many years – The Creative Arts.

Let’s make a difference!





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