A simple thought, reminder, and provocation this morning during my morning devotion and meditation. Be YOU! Follow your internal ‘instinct’ which is often the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Make YOUR own decisions concerning and in line with the calling and purpose God has called YOU too. Part of the ‘journey’ can sometimes be a ‘lonely path’. Stay on it, endure the test – it’s often the various God-ordained exercises and challenges which are created to shape and prepare us for purpose and stamina. Remain faithful, living a life filled with faith.
Over the last few years, I have learned to thank God for the ‘closed doors’ as these have often proven to be a reminder of God’s protection and redirection.
‘My life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord.’ (Acts 20:24)
God has proportioned ‘x’ amount of years for us to live on this planet. Live out those years fulfilling His purpose. Don’t waste time focusing on what others think of you or not ?.
God calls – not man! Fulfilling His will for your life satisfies – not man’s personal agenda.
Today, I sense many are about to make some life-changing decisions. Pause and consider the eternal ramifications and value of these decisions. Don’t be hasty to get out of your situation. Velveta and I are so determined to run OUR race, completing the Father’s will in and for our lives. Sharing the gospel of Jesus in action above our words. God is great and He will direct our paths according to His promises. All things for HIS glory only. It’s not your talent or gifting that will propel you to success in life, success meaning, completing the ‘plans he has for us’, but walking in obedience.
Have a great day – fulfilling YOUR destiny! Love God and love those around you. Quite simple really, but it takes passion, commitment, and focus.