Ministering through Music

Ministering Through Music

Steve & Velveta will be lecturing on the Sunday at the Ministering Through Music conference. A review of current musical types forms and styles utilised in Pentecostal worship, with emphasis on understanding the Scriptural role of music in worship. Attention is given to the various aspects of worship and the role of music in accomplishing them. This course includes. ‘An audience with a leading contemporary worship leader’.

Course Description [and CIMS Credits if appropriate]

A review of current musical types, forms and styles utilised in Pentecostal worship, with emphasis on understanding the Scriptural role of music in worship. Attention is given to the various aspects of worship and the role of music in accomplishing them.

The course is offered as part of the Certificate in Ministerial Studies [CIMS] and leads to 1 CIMS credit.

Course Topics

  • The Doctrine of Worship
  • The role of music ministry in the Church
  • Preparing, planning and leading worship services
  • Music types in Pentecostal worship
  • The word-centred music ministry
  • The sacred and secular issue
  • Ministry or performance/Vocation or Profession
  • Developing and leading effective music/worship teams
  • Music awarenessAims of the CourseThis course aims to help participants:
  • Develop a biblical perspective on Church music and worship;
  • Gain a greater understanding of Church music and worship ministry;
  • Heighten their appreciation of their role and responsibilities as music/worship leaders;
  • Deepen their awareness of the role that music and worship play in Kingdom work;
  • Increase their knowledge of the different elements of worship and their understanding of theimportance of music in expressing the elements of Pentecostal worship.Assessment

    Course participants will be asked to:

  • Produce a portfolio of practical projects;
  • Undertake a formal examination for which a score of 70% is required to pass and achieve theCIMS credit.Learning Outcomes (Knowledge, understanding and skills course participants should be able to demonstrate)
    Course participants will be able to:
  • Appraise their own gift and contribution to the music ministry in their local Church in the context of growth and development;
  • Evaluate the worship experience in their local Church and offer contributions to its enrichment;
  • Help develop the music as part of the worship, education, evangelism, care and nurturing ministryof the local Church;
  • Prepare, plan and lead effective music/worship for the range of church services;
  • Practise the general principles of Christian leadership in their role as music/worship leaders.
  • Appraise liturgical significance of music in worship


Essential Reading and other Resource Material for the Course

Textbook: Ministering through Music – Delton Alford and Donald S. Aultman Exploring Worship – Bob Sorge
NB. These books are included in the course fees.

Further Reading and Resource Material

  • An Audience with Mark Beswick, Noel Robinson and Steve Thompson, DVD*
  • Blended Worship by Robert E. Webber (ISBN 9781565632424)
  • “Called, Appointed, Anointed” – by Janny Grein (ISBN-10: 0-89274-354-9, ISBN-13: 978-0892743544)
  • Following the River – A vision for corporate worship by Bob Sorge ISBN 9780970 479167
  • Here I am to Worship by Tim Hughes
  • Mark Beswick!__news
  • Noel Robinson
  • Steve and Velveta Thompson
  • Worship across the Racial divide: Religious music and the multiracial congregation by GeraldoMartiRelated Courses and events
  • CIMS – Introducing the Great Themes of Scripture
  • CIMS – Christian Ethics and Practical Theology
  • CIMS- Leading with Integrity
  • CIMS- Equipping People for Ministry
  • CIMS- Practical Theology & Faith Foundations for Life and Ministry in the 21st Century
  • CIMS – Understanding Yourself and OthersDistance Learning Date Assignment (s)September 2016 – July 2017

    Read the textbook and complete the assignments as directed in the guidance notes.

    Taught Session (s) and Examination Date (s)

    Taught Session: Friday 9 June 2017@ 8pm to 10: 00pm, Saturday 10 June 2017@ 10:00am – 5:00pm , Sunday 11 June 2017 @11:00am -4:00pm
    Examination: September 2017 (TBC)

    Facilitator: Rev Wesley Sealy BA (Hons), Diploma in Education, MA in Integrative Psychotherapy

    Wesley Sealy is an Ordained Minister with a great deal of experience in biblical theology and worship. He served as Pastor (2007-2010) in Barbados and is now Pastor of the New Testament Church of God in Oxford. He holds a grade 6 certificate in Music and was the coordinator for music at a national level in NTCG, Barbados for several years. In this role, he planned and coordinated Music & Worship for National Events and assisted in the training of worship leaders.

    Guest Presenters: Steve and Velveta Thompson
    Steve has served in the music ministry along with his wife Velveta for over 30 years. They are the founders of Beracah Music International and have travelled to over 100 countries worldwide. After studying at Bible College in Germany, Steve went on to work extensively with Graham Kendrick as Musical Director. Steve is also known for worship leading, seminar teaching, songwriting, music directing and accompanying various international worship leaders and secular artists. Steve also serves as a part-time lecturer at London School of Theology. Velveta’s main vocation is to her husband and two daughters, Esther, 13 and Velisha, 21. Family time is her passion, she says “The most precious time is when we all have our guitars and worship in the lounge at home”.

For more information, please contact the NTCG Leadership Training Centre in Northampton


Jun 09 - 11


NTCG Leadership Traing Centre


Phyllis Thompson
01604 824233/8
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