Music in worship 2020

Steve will once again be facilitating workshops at the Music in worship conference in Ukraine. Many worship leaders, musicians, singers and other creative individuals travel from many parts of Eastern Europe to be a part of this annual conference.

Complicity in worship

Worship – is much broader than we imagine. Most often, when we hear the word “worship”, we think of the music and singing of the worship group. But worship is a song of praise from every heart, every person who joins the community of God’s children to glorify God and worship Him.

The worship process is not a worship leader or worship group show: everyone present contributes to it, everyone’s voice matters!

Worship is a collaboration and interaction between a worship group and a church community.

The correct model of worship is the complicity of all church members in it. This is exactly what we want to focus on at the next Music in Worship conference.

The conference was organized by UETS and MusicWorks International

May 7-9, 2020

Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary,
ul. Cisik Flowers, 57 (Pushcha-Vodytsya)

Leading worship leaders from Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries will meet for the sixth time at UETS to share their knowledge and experience with Ukraine’s worship teams.

The key questions at this year’s conference are:

– How can a worship group learn to worship and not just sing and play in the ministry?
– How can we interact in such a way that the worship service is directed to praise God not only through music?
– How to break the wall between the worship team and the community?
– What remains unchanged in worship for centuries?

“… We pray that the Holy Spirit speaks through speakers, teachers, and even conference participants to you so that you can find answers and solutions and useful information! .. – Maryna Yarmolenko , Head of the UETS Music Department.

It will be an eventful time, meaningful seminars and workshops, interesting performances, and a powerful celebration.

See the Registration Questionnaire for information on accommodation and meals.

There will be coffee shops in the conference area where you can buy a light snack and drinks.

In order to register:
– fill out the registration form – for EVERY participant,
– pay the registration fee for each participant (registration is valid only after payment of registration fee for each participant),
– receive a confirmation letter to the e-mail address
– collect your suitcases – we are already waiting for you!

Importantly! The registration fee is not refundable. If a registered attendee is unable to attend, invite other interested people in your church to attend the conference.

Contact information by phone:

Pauline – 0996377243 (Monday – Friday)


All information about speakers, topics, registration conditions will be available on our Facebook information platforms.

We invite you to participate in this grand event!

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