From Noya music composition wins award for best Soundtrack

Mr Steve Thompson, Congratulations – You and your entry ‘From Noya – Soundtrack’ are Christian Film Festival Award Winners!

‘From Noya the Soundtrack’ by Mr Steve Thompson, an ‘Official Selection’ for the 31 December 2016 Christian Film Festival! The film was also awarded for being an ‘official selection’ to the CFF! The film highlights the problem of depression, and shows how people with this disease should reach out to support groups and receive healing and help! The dramatic soundtrack, which accompanies’ s the movie, is amazing, and helps ensure the right tone is set for the movie! Congratulations Mr Anderson (writer) and Mr Thompson (composer) and everyone who helped with the soundtrack – it was wonderful! God Bless! CFF. 

The composition has also won the Best Soundtrack Fan Fav award!

~ Christian Film Festival, USA

Pictures from the Birmingham Film Festival