‘From Noya’

From Noya, a short movie which sheds light on the struggles of Mental Health issues.

‘From Noya’

Written by Daniel Anderson

Daniel Anderson is a Birmingham based Actor and filmmaker. As an actor, he has worked in TV, Film, Theatre and Radio. It’s only within the last four years where he has developed his love for filmmaking.

His ‘Docu-drama’ INSIDE OUT won the Best festival film at the Black International Film Festival in 2014 which looked into the realities of resettlement for ex-prisoners.

Three months ago, Daniel was part of a film consortium called ‘Film Ward’ headed by Birmingham’s very talented Daniel Alexander. ‘Film Ward’ is a platform for independent filmmakers to come together and ultimately create.

With a small team, Daniel Anderson developed an idea and turned it into a powerful Short Film called ‘FROM NOYA’

‘From Noya’ Trailer


Daniel knew that he wanted to explore Mental Health in a unique way and also drew upon his own personal battles with his own mental health. ‘From Noya’ is a very important project for Daniel and sheds light on the struggles some people go through. With a team of talented professionals and with his wife Husnaa Anderson playing the title role, he managed to bring the script to life and is now looking forward to sharing this project with the masses.

“Mental health is a very important issue and my hope for this film is to inspire and motivate people to consider mental health a lot more deeply.  The main message that permeates through this film is not to suffer in silence, it digs deep into the mind and experience of a young woman who manages to overcome her pain to the extent she is able to encourage and help others. Film for me has to have a message, it has to have meaning and it has to provide the audience with a platform to discuss, learn and share”.

The film has been edited and is being finalised and prepped to be entered into festivals worldwide. The hope then is that the film will tour up and down the country with Q&A Sessions in order for the general public to benefit from its core message and for there to be a growing dialogue as to how we move forward as a community being able to talk openly and confidently about mental health. The film has been selected for several festival showings and the soundtrack received several nominations for best music score and continues to win awards.

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Steve Thompson – Music Composer

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Beracahmusic. Because of the film’s tone, style, and pace, it was extremely important to work with a composer that understood the role music should play within the film. Steve Thompson managed to create a composition that not only enhances the film’s emotional undertone but gently and colourfully assists the fragmented journey of the main character. I look forward to working with them again”

Daniel Anderson

Film Director & Writer, Rites of Passage Productions