New Computer System needed for BMI

In the midst of the COVID-19 challenge, BMI continues to offer Online music training via Zoom and facilitates various Worship Conferences. The response to the online ministry support has been quite encouraging. On 12 & 13 March 2021, Steve Thompson took part in an overseas worship Conference in Ukraine. Many worship teams from all over Ukraine gathered at a local church, as they were not experiencing lockdown measures where people are still not allowed to gather, worship and sing without masks. Steve delivered two seminars along with other guest speakers.                                                                                              Administrative support Recently, our office computer has malfunctioned and needs replacing. At the same time, BMI's main recording system is due for an upgrade as it is now twelve years old, so we have decided to use the recording computer as the administrative portal & secondary teaching computer and replace the studio computer. These recording computer systems are quite expensive (£3630.00), so we thought we would give our supporters an opportunity to help purchase this new system. If this is something you would like to contribute towards, this would be very appreciated. We are aware that the COVID-19 challenge has also caused financial strain on many ministries, so we totally understand if you cannot support us at this time. Even before releasing this post, we have been given generous support for £1000.00, which leaves us with an outstanding amount of £2630.00.


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