Dear Friends, BMI Loving & servingI wrote over a year ago about my neighbour who we befriended and have become really close to. She has been fighting cancer for two years. An Italian family who very much kept themselves to themselves until we loved her too much to go unnoticed… 🙂

Steve and I have walked this road with her and her family through tears, fears and frustrations. I prayed for healing over her as we held hands and told her of the healing power of Jesus! We have seen the change in her and her family, she prayed the sinners prayer with me and her whole countenance changed over the year. We shower her with gifts, CD’s, Books, flowers etc and they cannot believe a family who is not related by blood could be so loving! We are in her home all the time and when she is afraid, we pray with her and the peace of God always descends in her home.

She has had Chemo and the hospital told her because of how weak she is, they have to stop the Chemo. Well, she had a scan and was told by the hospital that she is completely cancer free! We cried together as she embraced us!!! Her whole family are bowled over with the love they have seen, the love of Christ! What we are all called to display in our neighborhood, community, work places, our church and everywhere we have influence.

We are the only Jesus that some people will ever see! Let us allow His love to beam through, looking for every opportunity to lead people in love to a new life in the love of Jesus. Just simply – Love! Take time to talk to people, showing them kindness, this will speak loudly as people are in need of loving friendships. They will eventually ask you what’s different about you, this will open the door for you to tell them about the love of Christ! We are surrounded everywhere by people who need Love! Jesus is Love!

~ Velveta Thompson