Just a thought whilst praying today …. The weapons will be formed – we go through various circumstances – people walk away from you – you feel the tendency and ‘soulish’ urge to walk away from people – maybe someone that God has actually placed in your life for yours and His purpose. BUT this morning whilst praying and trying to listen to the echoes of the Father’s voice and heaven’s songs, I would like to encourage you our friends – or a particular person whom this may be relevant, don’t make any major or hasty decisions whilst being in the middle or even possibly the last part of your temporary situation that IS subject to change. God will often hold us at a particular ‘place’ in our lives or what seems to be an unchanging situation for a season and a half ? …. Yes a loooong season I can hear someone saying!
Oft times, our focus is placed on our desire for the situation or circumstance to change, whilst the Father’s desire is for US to change and become more like His son Jesus!
Be encouraged my brothers and sisters – as we continue to pray for each other – STAY at that place – as arduous as it may feel. I sense deep down in my heart, the Father is saying WHEN you come through ‘your fire’ much stuff will be burnt off and you will be as Gold – fit and ready for His service and more ready to facilitate the Kingdom-calling on all our lives!
Have a blessed week being a blessing to those around you. Become the change you want to see! You WILL come through!