Living Waters ‘Seeds For Change’ Project


After many years of producing and arranging numerous albums for many artist world-wide, in 2009 Steve & Vel recorded and released their own album,’Living Waters‘ subtitle, ‘Seeds for Change – China‘.

Beracah Music’s desire is to sow music into the nations as free mp3 downloads as well as CDs. They continue to take every opportunity to bring worship music and training to every nation, tribe and tongue with no restrictions. Beracah Music sowed this album Living Waters – Seeds For Change‘ towards aiding the churches in the Chinese speaking world with worship resources. Thousands are coming to know Christ every day all over Asia and Beracah Music has joint forces with Melody Of My Heart to offer this free downloads and CDs of a some songs and a music instrumental, titled, ‘Beracah to China’ to thousands of brothers and sisters all around the ‘Chinese speaking world’ as well as other nations that don’t have worship CD’s readily available.

A Selection of videos related to ‘Seeds for Change’ project



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