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** Our most current Mission is ‘BMI Goes to Ukraine**

BMI Goes to Ukraine 2018

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Steve teaching in Ukraine

In May 2017, Steve was invited by Fred Heuman, a friend for many years, to travel to Kiev, Ukraine to make up an International team. The worship conference ‘Music in Ministry‘ has been established for eight years now. Steve delivered several keynote lectures and a few workshops. This was the first time Beracahmusic Ministries had travelled to Ukraine (though 25 years ago, Steve was part of the Graham Kendrick team that delivered one of the first worship conferences in St. Petersburg, Russia).

During this trip to Ukraine, hosted by the Ukraine Evangelical Theological Seminary the teaching impacted many, musicians, singers and worship leaders’ lives over three days (4 – 6 May 2017). Such was the impact; Steve was invited back in September 2017 and now again in May 2018 along with an International team. This time, Velveta will also be joining Steve and the team.

Steve delivering a Keynote

As the economy is very challenging for many in Ukraine (each delegate paid £8.00 for the entire conference), Beracahmusic Ministries International financed both trips to Ukraine as they also will this upcoming Mission trip. We would like to invite our BMI friends and partners to help support this venture on 10 – 12 May, 2018.