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Item of the week

Date advertised: Date: 18.1.19

Line 6 Spider IV 15W Combo Amp

(Picture: not the actual item, but the amp is in good condition, just one broken knob)

trace Elliot 350 SMX

Date advertised: Date: 18.1.19

(Picture: not the actual item – amp is in extremely good condition)


Item of the week

Date advertised: Date

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Line 6 Spider IV 15W Combo Amp ( (no longer available)

Trace elliot 350 SMX ( (no longer available)




List of items requested

An audio interface that has midi input and USB to connect to a computer. Andrea –

I’m currently in need of an Apple MacBook, preferably pro or air in a newer model, I know it’s a lot to ask, but as I’m going to be doing more and more work on logic at uni I’ll be needing it so I can work when I am away for holidays etc. and I’m completely broke right now! Big ask I know but would be eternally grateful –  Samuel Duke –

Needs a basic interface – Mr Louis MUTIJIMA –




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