Lessons with Steve Thompson

This module is for the intermediate student

4-Week Guitar & Keyboards Modules

casX in Partnership with RBC

In particular, if you have completed Level One, have some musical experience and would like to further your guitar and keyboard playing ability, this course is for you!

 casX (Creative Arts School of Excellence) has once again, teamed up with RBC (Romford Baptist Church) to offer guitar and keyboard classes as two four-week modules. Under the tuition of Steve Thompson who is a lecturer at London School of Theology as well as music director for many worship leaders and artist including Graham Kendrick, Darlene Zschech, etc. You will unlock your playing skills even further and even take a look at playing Jazz. blues and other styles of music.

With Steve’s unique teaching approach, you will further develop confidence in your playing technique, understanding of Jazz harmony and the ability to play keyboards in a band scenario. Steve continues to work with Romford Baptist Church, where he is currently consulting. After the success of Level one modules for beginners, he is now facilitating Level two. There are spaces for eight students. Reserve your place now!

Welcome to

Level Two

“Practice makes better” 

Playing Jazz & Blues

 There are different styles of playing and Jazz is considered as a style of music more the experience player rather than beginners. Though that is loosely true, anyone can learn to play any style of music. Steve will introduce you to Jazz & blues idioms, helping you to understand the various scales and Jazz harmonies. 

Reading lead sheets

 We will discover the art of reading music charts and lead sheets. Being musically literate enhances the speed at which we can learn new songs as well as developing a healthy habit of both playing and interpreting a piece of music accurately. 

Music Therapy & Fun

Steve will also teach you how to play in different styles utilizing various playing skills and techniques. You do not need to have had any previous experience as these classes are aimed at beginners like yourself.  You will discover how learning a new instrument is not difficult at all, but can also be very enjoyable.


Costs & Details


Special offer £50.00 for the entire Four-week Module


Excellent non-competetive learning environment


Module especially for those who have already completed Level one


There will be an emphasis on Improvisation, playing different styles

what They’re Saying

Previous Students

“Dear Steve, I was very blessed by your worshops in Singapore last year and have seen tremendous improvement in my ministry. Your emphasis that it is our *duty* to enhance our God-given talent encouraged me to practice dilligently and practice time became more efficient and productive thanks to the tips you shared.”

David Chung

“As my music teacher Steve has given me great inspirations.  I am a typical classically trained pianist. Although I have good pianistic skills, I seems to lack creativity as a musician.    Steve has encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone, and help me to explore my full potential.  He opens my eyes to explore a wide range of musical styles while playing the keyboard.

I am now a lot more competent to serve in my church worship ministry.  He is not only a talented musician but a faithful servant in God’s worship ministry.  His music creativity is an amazing tool to connect people with God.    I really thank God that He provided Steve as a teacher to journey with me”

Christine Lee

“We had a great morning with Steve last Saturday at St Chads Romiley (near Stockport) re-learning the essentials, both practical and spiritual, for keyboard players in worship bands. Your experience of the wider world of music really helped us to think seriously about what we do and why we do it.If anyone else is considering working with you and wants to know more, I’d be very happy to be in touch with them. Thank you!”

Mark Warburton (BBC)


*Special price!!! Normal price £80.00*

Now £50.00 for the entire four-week module

You can sign up for both modules 

Keyboards (7.00 – 7.55pm) 

 Guitar (8.00 – 8.55pm)

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