Great to be back home from our mini-cruise and feeling stronger by the day! It so was fantastic being away in a very pleasant and calm atmosphere. Thank you all for the many messages coming in by FB and texts. Apologies that I could not respond to all.

Rory & Wendy

Rory & Wendy

Part of my attention is now focused on praying for our Brother Rory and his dear wife Wendy – the leaders of God TV. I am sure many across the Globe, within and outside the Christendom, are aware of the sad news of yet another pending marriage collapse. I say pending as I believe God’s words in the book of Jeremiah still echoes today …’I am the Lord your God, is there anything too hard for me (Jeremiah 32:27).

It is so easy for all of us to come up with our own theory and reasons of what we think went wrong in their marriage – and I am fairly certain there is much detail which will probably never fully be disclosed. However, from a place of grace and the mercy seat, we are reminded in the scriptures that each one of us were headed for the ‘gallows, but for the grace of God..’


‘Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me …’

…. most could finish the verse of this song as we have sung it so many times.
My prayer is that Rory will face the real enemy and demons within and allow the GraceHoly Spirit to restore what is probably – many broken walls in his life – cracks that were possibly ignored! Only God can heal, restore and save!

We love this couple very much as God does and this is just a reminder that we ALL go through our own struggles. But God wants us to recognize the people (often not too many) He has placed in our lives – real accountability – and not try fighting or running this race on our own. We were not created to survive and fight alone, but to find someone that we can share with, get into and read the word with and pray with. My prayer over Rory, Wendy and the entire network is that there would be true repentance and that ‘mercy will triumph over judgement….’ That true restoration and recommissioning will be allowed to take place. Thereby, God’s hand’s of grace can cover all!