Painting prayers for Romford

Thursday morning

I sometimes don’t know what to paint but I pick up a brush this was such a day. I saw a bright glory cloud of every colour. I was frustrated with the lack of colours on my palette. I pictured Velveta rising from her bed yawning and stretching and her stretch turned to outstretched arms to worship.  I only had thirty minutes so could not spend much time and we all know Vel is so much more beautiful than I painted her but I had to send it as I felt an urgency to share it with Steve.

I am new to painting but just as you would declare something in the spirit; sing a prophetic song; write a decree – I felt that the painting was an Amen to Steve’s prayers as he was declaring ‘ Velveta daughter of Zion wake up!

Thursday 8pm

I sensed the Lord asking me to paint again he showed me a picture of a black man kneeling in prayer, many have been praying but as it was a black man I believe this to be a personal encouragement to Steve.  Once I had painted him God said to me ‘tell my son I heard his prayer’. I painted rays of light shining from heaven in the hope that Steve would know he has been heard.

Friday 8am

I had read Lara Martins text to Steve the day before and that picture of Vel being in Jesus’ arms was clear in my mind as I woke up. The best part of the picture was the cheeky grin on her face and her eyes were Wide open I argued with the spirit before I sent it to Steve as I didn’t want Steve to interpret the picture as Vel is in glory but The Spirit told me Steve would understand the message and told me to type  ‘Jesus has got this.’ Next to the picture so he would know Vel is enjoying a final hug before waking up.