Firstly I want to say thank you to Steve for the privilege of bringing this update to you. I start by commending the entire Thompson/McGregor family. Yesterday Jon and I entered the hospital and walked into an atmosphere of faith and thanksgiving. Hope was alive and there was rejoicing over the tiny steps of progress that Velveta had made in the previous 24hours.

This is a family deeply rooted in the Lord and Gods word is at the core. They attentively and respectfully listen to the report of the medical staff and then they bring this report to the Lord knowing He alone has the final say. Steve has led his family with strength and stature eagerly waiting on the Lord for insight in how to pray with understanding and God has granted him this on a daily basis. The enemy has a strategy to kill steal and destroy but our God has an even greater strategy to disempower the works of the evil one and bring life in all its fullness. Velveta is an overcomer. She stared death in the face and silenced it through her own prophetic declarations in the days prior to this, something I will expand on a little more as you read further.

I have a handful of people I call on if ever there is something that requires prayerful support. Velveta is one of those people. During the events of this past week, the one person I wanted to pray with me for Vel was Vel. I know so many of you will identify with this because she stood with you too as you faced your own Goliath. She believed with you and she rejoiced with you when your breakthrough came.

During so many seasons of life that I have shared with Velveta, her consistent approach is “let’s pray”. She positions herself in such a way that it becomes her first response. There are countless times when we will be chatting and our conversations turn into declarations. Our voices begin to raise and our faith ignites to new heights. There’s nothing quite like Gods word to bring hope and clarity!

As I held Vel’s hand yesterday and stroked her brow I recalled some funny experiences we’d shared together. She instantly responded with her eyes and a couple of times she even smiled too. You could tell she wanted to do more but her body is too weak to do so at this time. I reminded her how much I love her, how much I miss her, how special she is and how crazy funny she is! Her brow furrowed in response as though she wanted to cry.

In the days leading up to Vel’s admittance to the hospital, we talked frequently and for hours at a time. We both sensed a great darkness at work. Vel rang me early one morning and shared a word with me that God had given her during the previous night. It carried such weight and authority and now looking back it was preparing Vel for the battle that was to come. We boldly began to declare with faith the word God had given her. The atmosphere was charged with victory. It is this same word I have held on to during this past week and have spoken out loud in my own times of prayer on Vel’s behalf. It has kept hope alive and that’s exactly what Gods word does.

When Vel rang me from the hospital the day after she had been admitted, she shared some further things with me. They were deep and again, Gods word was alive! Hours later Vel’s condition deteriorated at such a rapid speed as the infection took over. I know those days were particularly bleak especially for Steve, Velisha and Esther but their faith was unwavering. Such favour was given to Steve by the medical staff and in those darkest hours, Steve was given permission to take in his guitar and sing over her. I believe this was key to Vels improvement during the hours that followed! Yesterday as I too sang over Vel she responded by moving her hand at one point, I knew she was desperate to join me.

I’m encouraged that Vel is now awake and responding well to treatment. These are tiny steps of progress and we pause for a moment and say ‘thank you, Lord”. Let us continue in thanksgiving and move into a time of boldly declaring the word of God over Vel’s life. We believe that Vel is going to be restored not back to how she was but restored to Gods original intention. This is not the end but a season of new beginnings and the new shoots are already springing up. This wasn’t just a moment for Velveta to ‘wake up’ in the natural but a poignant message to us all to ‘wake up’ spiritually.

The Bible records many instances when stones were placed as a memorial to Gods goodness at significant times of breakthrough. Symbolically speaking, I don’t just see a stone of remembrance but I see a huge boulder carried on the shoulders of the praying community all over the world, who have come together to diligently tarry on behalf of our precious Velveta. This boulder will stand as a long lasting testimony to Gods faithfulness. I can’t wait to hear Vel speak of this journey and it is most certainly worth the wait.

Please continue to remember Velveta, Steve, Velisha, Esther and Jermain and the extended family as Vel’s journey to restoration continues. We declare that ‘Joy unspeakable’ is theirs in all its fullness!

Lara Martin (close friend of Velveta)