I arranged to meet with Steve this morning for breakfast, however, he messaged me to ask if I could come to his home as he was not feeling up to eating out. Despite having had communication over the past few days, I had not seen him or the family and was somewhat anxious on arrival at his home. I didn’t know what to expect. There was a battle going on between my mind and my faith. On seeing Steve, my heart sank. My dear friend was going through the emotional turmoil of being strong for his family whilst trying to manage his own thoughts and feelings.

We spoke about the conflicting emotions between the spiritual and the natural. During this time Steve was open about the differing feelings he was experiencing. We prayed for a short while and then left for the hospital. On arriving, I was again anxious. I did not know what to expect but was encouraged to see Vel looking well, considering the journey she had been on so far. She look as though she was sleeping peacefully.

In her room, we approached Vel and greeted her. Immediately, Vel opened her eyes! Focussed and not at all groggy, she looked at us, focusing on each in turn. We continued to speak to her and she would respond with her eyes – this continued for approx 2-3minutes. As she would close her eyes Steve would call her and ask her to open her eyes again. And she would.

I have to say, my experience today enabled me to witness a move of God. This has changed me. We worshipped together and gave thanks through tears, filled with emotion. Our joy and thanksgiving were so vibrant that the medics, hearing raised voices, thought there was an issue and came running with equipment in hand ready to deal with an emergency. They were reassured by the nurse who had been with us that all was well.

There was such a presence of joy, elation and reassurance in the room. As Steve spoke with me about the doctor’s initial fears that Vel may have had a stroke which had paralysed her right side, Vel would move her right leg as if to show us that no such thing had taken place! It was as if she was saying, “I reject those claims in JESUS name!!”

During our time at the hospital, we encountered another man, ‘Andrew’, who has been in the hospital for the past 21 days with his wife who has the same diagnosis as Vel.  We started speaking and he spoke in faith for his situation. As we continued to speak we felt led to pray for him and his wife. It was so powerful. He shared with us that, the previous day, when Steve and the family were worshiping on the ward, he and his wife were singing and worshipping with them. Andrew, despite being tearful at his wife’s situation left full of faith and encouraged by our time together as he too was a believer.

I left Steve and the family at the hospital late afternoon, emotionally drained but with my faith and hope surging through the roof. I know, that I know, that I know, that my God is able – to do all things!

~ Rob Harris (Close friend of Steve)