Dear wonderful friends, I wish I could respond to you all personally, but I am not well enough as yet  – still a long road to recovery. Thank you so much for thinking and praying for me. I tasted death but mercy said “NO!!” So much to tell but no energy to type. My husband Steve and City Gates Church have planned a thanksgiving service on Sunday 13th August at 5:30 pm. God willing, I will give my full testimony of how I came through.
There are gaps in my memory, and I have had to re-learn how to walk again. My energy level runs very low, but I’m alive!
I’m still here! Gods purpose is still at work in me.
Thank you for ??  praying. God heard and answered. He’s a miracle working God! ❤️ . Love You all! God woke me up from the coma for His glory! And I’m forever Grateful!

~ Velveta