Each year, the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary (UETS) host a worship conference ‘Music In Worship

7 – 9 May 2020 will be the seventh annual conference which sees multiple individuals from Ukraine and a few other neighbouring countries attending this vibrant event. Some of the delegates will travel over 14 hours to attend this 3-day conference. This year, Steve Thompson will again be attending this conference, delivering several workshops and seminars.

All the lecturers including Steve will raise their own support as Music In Worship relies on the regular financial support of friends, partners and other organisations. Even to run the Seminary itself, 25% of the school fees are paid by the students and 75% is covered by the generous financial support of donors, especially those from other countries.

The conference serves the purpose of developing, challenging, resourcing the growth of the attendees. Many would not be able to afford to attend the multiple conferences and events held in other parts of the world

so they are very thankful for all the diverse lecturers travelling to Ukraine to deliver world-class tuition, coaching, seminars and encouragement.

Would you please consider supporting BMI in its endeavour to partner with UETS.

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BMI Mission to Ukraine 2020


Steve teaching in Ukraine

In May 2020, Steve will travel to Kyiv, Ukraine to make up an International team. The worship conference 'Music in Ministry 'has been established for ten years now. Steve will several keynote lectures and a few workshops.

During previous trips to Ukraine, hosted by the Ukraine Evangelical Theological Seminary the teaching has impacted many, musicians, singers and worship leaders' lives over the years. Such is the impact, UETS invites Steve back regularly to deliver specific training on Music Composition and arrangements (very similar topics he covers when teaching at London School of Theology). It was the conversation with the head of the Music Department at Seminary in Ukraine that triggered Steve's passion for continuing returning to Ukraine

Steve delivering a Keynote

As the economy is very challenging for many in Ukraine (each delegate pays about £8.00 for the entire conference), Each year, Beracahmusic Ministries International will finance these trips. We want to invite our BMI friends and partners to help support this venture on 7 - 9 May 2020. Steve will stay on for a few days to encourage the further activities of the Seminary.

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