Our Praise indeed proceeds our VICTORY

Invite your children to sing a prayer for Velveta

Velveta taught many children, not only how to sing, but primarily how to worship. Now is the time for them to worship exuberantly!!

Say Uncle Steve is asking you to sing a beautiful song of praise for Velveta – make up a tune to the words of ‘Velveta we love, Jesus loves you and we thank God our Father who has healed you …’

Phil. 1: 12 – 20
Now I want you to know, brethren, that my circumstances have turned out for the greater progress of the gospel, so that my imprisonment (hospital) in the cause of Christ has become well known throughout the whole praetorian guard (hospital staff) and to everyone else (visitors on the floor), and that most of the brethren, trusting in the Lord because of my imprisonment (bodily sickness), have far more courage to speak the word of God without fear (as they hear of the small but constant prayer victories).

Yes, and I will rejoice, for I know that this will turn out for my deliverance through your prayers and the provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, according to my earnest expectation and hope, that I will not be put to shame in anything, but that with all boldness, Christ will even now, as always, be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death (though my Spirit believes…”this is not a sickness unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified in it.”)

      Kent Splawn (Good friend of the Thompsons)

Sometimes words are not adequate to express a love that runs deeper than a thousand rivers and oceans, so I use melodies which simultaneously communicate multiple of emotions. During the family’s entire ‘faith journey’ in believing and trusting God for Velveta’s healing, I have rediscovered another dimension of gratitude, love and thankfulness to God for giving me such an amazing wife, phenomenal mother to our beautiful girls and a faithful friend to so many. So, during the beginning of this recovery period, in between taking care of Vel’s needs, I took part a day to compose and record an instrumental piece of music inspired by some incredible precious moments talking and sharing with Vel about her ‘journey’ as well as the incredible paintings created by Helen Yousaf.

Every waking moment, we thank God for ‘sending her back to us’ (we are all on loan :)), and her work on earth is not yet completed. Each day is a glorious day of grace and mercy manifesting itself in Vel’s body. A deep Well has been untapped!! Today, I was reminded of the invitation Jesus gave Zaccheus to spend time ‘hanging out’ with him. Today, was also an incredible day hanging out with ‘my boys’ enjoying deep, rich fellowship. What a reminder that God created us to ‘fellowship’. Jesus still extends His hand giving mankind the same invitation as Zaccheus, for us to spend time with Him. Salvation is the top of the agenda! Jesus said, ‘Whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst,’ she replied, ‘Sir, give me this water, that I may not thirst’ (vv. 14-15 NKJV). Everything happens for a reason – so that the glory of God may be revealed.

Today, was also an incredible day hanging out with ‘my boys’ enjoying deep, rich fellowship, laughter and tears. What a reminder that God created us to ‘fellowship’.

Jesus still extends His hand, giving mankind the same invitation as Zaccheus, for us to spend time with Him. Salvation is the top of the agenda! Everything happens for a reason – so that the glory of God may be revealed leading to many finding and excepting Jesus as Lord of their lives.

Secret place‘ is a special place ordained by God, from the beginning of time, so that man could walk, talk and fellowship with Him. That secret place in our hearts is precious. Today, may we all rediscover, to a greater extent, that very secret place of prayer and WORSHIP.

~ Steve

Message from Steve


As we continue praying for Velveta, there have been many churches, intercessors, individuals and various worship teams around the world singing over her. This special recording was done by the people from Burundi and EXO. The words ‘aller jusqu’au bout’ means ‘finish to the end‘ or ‘ride it to the end‘. We speak and sing these words over Velveta. 


Psalm 30:10-12

 Hear, Lord, and be merciful to me;
    Lord, be my help.”

 You turned my wailing into dancing;
    you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,
 that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent.
    Lord my God, I will praise you forever.

Indeed, we will praise Your name forever. At all times, His praise will be upon our lips! Over the last few weeks, whilst walking through this journey with Velveta, we have been overwhelmed with the many messages from brothers and sisters sharing their own journey, believing God for the healing for loved ones. Being encouraged to continue worshipping through the storm.

Over the last few weeks, whilst walking through this journey and with Velveta, we have received many messages from brothers and sisters around the world sharing their own journey, believing God for the healing for loved ones. Being encouraged to continue worshipping through the storm.

Special recording from Burundi


We want to encourage you: don’t stop! As tiring as it may be, feeling at times that heaven is silent, asking the question, where is God in the equation? Don’t stop praising and worshipping – RIDE IT OUT TO THE END! We have the promise that the Father will ‘Never forsake us or leave us.’ The levels and passion of our praise are indicative of how much we TRUST IN HIM!


~ Steve

Message from Steve

All rights reserved (C) 2016 Ian        Quashie Photography

Over the last three days, (now 3.7.17), I have been listening to a particular song I recorded with our good ministry partners Chris & Laura Christensen – quite a few years ago now. The song’s scripture reference is 2 Corithinians 2: 10 ‘That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.’ Each day we visit Velveta, we have witnessed a dual strength – both physically and spiritually. This is true for the entire family. As we observed the attack against her body and mind (on this we will not focus or give any unworthy attention) we stood over Vel’s bed and could see God healing touch at work in and through her body, mind and spirit. This, we continue to observe.

In the previous verse, it says, ‘But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.’ 

When our lives are running smoothly and devoid of trials, we have a tendency to rely upon our own human strength – strength that cannot compare in any way to Christ’s almighty, divine strength. I cannot find the words to describe the strength we see in Velveta’s eyes, body, mind and spirit. Some things pertaining to God can not be described or fully explained in human words. God is great!

When our life is beset with difficulties and storms such as our present one, our strength fades away and we become weak (as family members, we have all had our weak moments –  I thank God for our close friends :).  Yet in these times of personal weakness, we turn to Jesus and rely upon His divine strength, and through that strength, face and endure those storms. And when we are relying upon Christ’s almighty strength instead of upon our own inadequate strength, we are really strong.

Yet in spite of this weakness, we continue to seek Jesus with all the strength He has given us, praying, worshipping and praising Him, waiting on Him, and STANDING upon His word. Each day, we feel His love carrying us and giving us the strength to persevere.

We have not grumbled against God during this hard and arduous period or moved into fear. Instead, we have allowed God to use this trial to strengthen our faith and develop our character. I have seen an unusual strength in my beautiful daughters, Velisha & Esther and Jermaine, my son-in-law).

One day I heard three times, ‘Trust, trust, trust’.  We need trust in Christ completely, reminding ourselves that He is sovereign and in control of all things. Please know, as mentioned earlier, we have all had a few low moments, especially trying to continue with our normal lives while awaiting Velveta’s full recovery.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. James 1:2-4′

When I am weak

by Chris & Laura Christensen (EXO)

Psalms 30:10 – 12

Hear, Lord, and be merciful to me; Lord, be my help. You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent. Lord my God, I will praise you forever.

We continue to stand as a family, Vel continues to recover daily – ‘a journey’ it is – BUT, God will be glorified – this being our praise-worthy focus and that which we are praising God for in advance. We will not give the enemy any focus or attention but strategically continue in our prayers & worship. We love you all and are very appreciative of your love, prayers AND WORSHIP!

Message From Lara Martin

A scripture I often refer to and declare in times of difficulty is Colossians 2:15.

15 When He had disarmed the rulers and authorities (those supernatural forces of evil operating against us), He made a public example of them (exhibiting them as captives in His triumphal procession), having triumphed over them through the cross. (Amplified)

Declaring the word of God is the most powerful force we have against the enemy who comes to kill, steal and destroy. Jesus himself, when faced with Satan in the wilderness, addressed him by saying  “It is written”. Jesus through his own actions was showing us how to address the enemy and stand firm in our own wilderness experiences or when we face other types of trouble, including sickness. I have declared this very scripture (amongst other appropriate ones) concerning Velveta these past 2 weeks. When we look at the cross we have to see beyond the physical affliction but look to the victory that was being accomplished in the supernatural realm and with Velveta I have chosen to do the same.

Through praise and worship, we have been given a powerful vehicle to declare the word of God. Our ‘spirit and ‘truth’ worship shames the enemy! I believe the cross was the greatest act of worship history has ever witnessed because it was the greatest act of surrender the world had ever seen. I see worship as living a fully surrendered life. A life that says, “not my will but yours be done’.

Jesus had an opportunity to decline the cup of suffering but instead, he completed the will of his Father and surrendered to death on a cross. In that moment your future and mine were sealed forevermore in eternity.


Jesus purchased our freedom and nailed our sin to the cross and became sin itself (2 Cor 5:21). The prophet Isaiah records that he would carry our sorrows and bear our infirmities, this includes sickness (Isaiah 53). It’s with this assurance that we approach the throne of grace with confidence on behalf of Velveta, Steve and the family.

At the cross, something else was happening in the heavens and Paul gives us a small glimpse of this by recording that a public shaming was taking place and it wasn’t of Christ even though in the natural Jesus was crucified in the most humiliating and shameful way possible. In the supernatural realm, however, Satan’s power was being defeated and the forces of evil were not only being disarmed but they were being stripped bare and made a ‘show of’.  I love how the Message puts it:

‘He stripped all the spiritual tyrants in the universe of their sham authority at the Cross and marched them naked through the streets.’

When we worship in adversity, when we praise in the midst of pain, when we declare the goodness of God despite the troubled circumstances, when we erupt in thanksgiving even though chaos is unfolding all around us, I believe our testimony publicly humiliates and shames the powers of darkness all over again! We are reminding the enemy of what happened in that moment 2000 years ago when Jesus said: “it is finished!” We are magnifying the Victor!

It is important to remember that as believers we are raised up and seated with Christ in the heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6). Christ did the seating plan and put us right where he wanted us, with Him! So, as we continue to come together as a community to pray for Velveta and look to the Lord, we praise, we worship, we declare, we give thanks, we tarry from a seated position of authority given to us by the Victor himself!

“Shout unto God with a voice of triumph, shout unto God with a voice of Praise”.

~Lara Martin (close friend of Velveta)

English - Made me glad (I will bless the Lord forever)

Lara Martin - Song over Velveta

French - Made me glad (I will bless the Lord forever)

by Andrea Alonso


I will bless the Lord forever
I will trust Him at all times
He has delivered me from all fear
He has set my feet upon a rock
I will not be moved
And I’ll say of the Lord

You are my Shield, my Strength
My Portion Deliverer
My Shelter, Strong Tower
My very present help in time of need

Whom have I in heaven but You
There’s none I desire beside You
You have made me glad
And I’ll say of the Lord

You are my Shield, my Strength
My Portion Deliverer
My Shelter, Strong Tower
My very present help in time of need

Miriam Joy Webster

Published by

Used by kind permission of Integrity Music

Dutch - Made me glad (I will bless the Lord forever)

by Jennifer Verbree

Danish - Made me glad (I will bless the Lord forever)

by Diana Stanbridge

Ukranian - Made me glad (I will bless the Lord forever)

by Miroslava Smetanyuk

Russian - Made me glad (I will bless the Lord forever)

by Yuliya Biley

Chinese - Made me glad (I will bless the Lord forever)

by Danny Lee

German - Made me glad (I will bless the Lord forever)

by Norbert Meier

Message from Steve

“Last night 25th June 2017 (right) we met in the ‘Prayer room’ – the waiting room – worshipped and had communion with the family and our local Pastors. Heaven simply descended as we sang, worshipped, took bread & wine and declared the goodness of the Lord, Jesus the Healer and for the blood of Jesus to heal and cleanse Velveta’s body. (Pastor Gareth Sherwood & Julie Derbyshire will expand further on this glorious moment). The Pastors and I then took communion with Velveta around her bed.

This has now become our pattern each day, prayer, declaring the WORD over Velveta and WORSHIP.

At the beginning of our worship times, sometimes we experience great difficulty before our eventual breakthrough. Sometimes, it’s really challenging singing through pain and sadness, but we NEVER give up. We always arrive at a place of ‘Joy in the Lord’, a reassurance that we will always find Jesus in the midst of our worship. It’s now time for us, family, friends, intercessors and all who have been on this journey with us, to worship exuberantly and passionately before the Lord! A testament that we have placed our trust in Jesus.

Each evening before leaving the hospital, I sing over Velveta. In particular a song,  ‘I will bless the Lord forever (Made me glad)’. This has been my theme worship song – please join us as a family. I believe the strategic joining of one song, voice and spirit is part of the next steps to what will be an incredible period of a breakthrough towards Velveta’s FULL RECOVERY.

During this season of ‘waiting upon the Lord’, I am reminded of Christ’s completed and finished work of the cross. When Jesus said, ‘It’s done’ I believe these words are an invitation to trust him, believe in Him and know that His blood will ‘never ever lose its power’. I hear the Father’s words in my heart echoing, ‘Trust me, trust me’. Velveta is loved by the Father. I am thankful for the friend I have found in Jesus, the Son of God – our comforter. He carries His daughter, Vel, he carries us all.


Thank you for your prayers

The huge ocean of love has been stirred up by our prayers and worship. A renewed fresh revelation of the cross and the peace of Jesus has brought us to the place of trust, anticipation and rest in the Father.

Continue believing that in this ever changing world, God is our only constant – never changing. The mystery of the Cross and the blood of Jesus and His breath in Velveta’s lungs ‘speak life’. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We want to thank Helen Yousaf in particular who has been so instrumental in ministering to us through her Prophetic Paintings.

Deuteronomy 31:6

“Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the LORD your God is the one who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.”

Psalms 40:2

‘He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along.’

(Our good friend Lara Martin will assist us to go further in our worship)

~ Steve 


  1. Georgia Merchant

    Dear god thank you for Aunty vel, I pray she gets better and she doesn’t need to go to the doctors and that her eyes get better and she wakes up and laughs with me again. Amen

    Georgia (Age 4)

  2. Fay Benedetti

    Amen and amen! Will continue to pray and praise God for what He has done and will do in Velveta’s life the tge years to come. She is a woman of strenght and courage and uses every opportunity to bless those in her path (I know because I am one of them). Looking foward to hearing her share her testimony and her beautiful worship towards our dear Jesus. We are standing with you Steve, Velisha, Esther and the whole family! God bless

    Fay and Chris Benedetti

  3. D

    Prayer and Thanksgiving service for Steve and Velveta Thompson…

    This upcoming Saturday (Saturday 1st July), we will be gathering at the Leeds New Testament Church of God from 6pm-8pm, to pray, celebrate and thank God for Velveta’s ongoing recovery. There will be music and sung worship too and everyone is welcome.

    We are standing together and believing God for her full healing so if you would like to attend, meet us there as we lift our faith together for Steve, Velveta and their family.

    See you Saturday

  4. Dee Lewars

    Beautiful time of worship!!

    Father we know that You inhabit the praises of your people. That as the praises go up…the blessings come down encased in your love, your grace, your healing and so much more. We stand in agreement and declare that these are falling down and surrounding Vel right now. That every cell in her body is responding and resonating in praise, worship and thanksgiving and is being healed and restored.

    I will bless thee O Lord x2. With a heart of thanksgiving. I will bless thee O Lord! With my hands lifted up…. and my mouth filled with praise. With a heart of thanksgiving. I will bless thee O Lord!

    Nothing missing! Nothing broken!

    We thank you Lord for what you have done and for what you are about to do. Be hi and lifted up and glorify yourself O Lord our God, how excellent and Majestic is Your name in ALLLLL the earth!!

    God continue to bless and keep your whole family and surround you with His peace that surpasses all understanding!


    Dee Lewars

  5. Michael and Jennifer

    We keep on praying!

  6. Chris Mercer-Turner

    Continuing in prayer blessings and love to all

  7. Valerie Perry

    ‘God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved; God shall help her, just at the break of dawn’
    Psalm 46
    Lord in your presence is fullness of joy, complete healing and deliverance from all our enemies and as we continue to pray for dearest Vel we know that our tears will soon turn to tears of joy!
    Picturing her smiling face as I pray ….. Val

  8. Janet Maye

    The Lord is a STRONG TOWER the righteous run into it and they are safe. Supernatural strength for Velveta and her entire family.? and close friends. God went ahead of this and will prove himself as her healer.

  9. David Lyle Morris

    Thanks so much Lara for your love for and ministry over our beloved Vel. Joining you in worship all the way over on the other side of the world in NZ.

    I learned so much from Vel in the many years we sang together in the Kendrick band , travelling through many nations, and in other contexts (Gloria Gaynor at the Royal Albert Hall a huge highlight!)
    I am always reminded of the verse ‘his power is perfected in weakness’ whenever I think of Vels obedience in worship…

    Steve and the family – big hugs from the brother down under
    Psalm 92
    Dave, Liz , Euan 21 Finlay 18

  10. John Cunningham

    All I can simply say is that we are praying Steve. – “What a powerful name it is – nothing can stand against” !

  11. Sara Beckley

    I am continuing praying for Vels full healing and so is my Infant class at a Christian school in Walsall. Every day they ask how she is and raise her up in prayer. My love and prayers to Steve and family.

  12. Maureen Boothe

    Let me encourage you all to continue to stand and be of GOOD courage. Our God is well able to deliver dear Vel from the clutches of sickness. We continue to P U S H with the family. Maureen


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