Vel is out of surgery, and it looks as though everything has gone well. Though she was a little drowsy, the girls (including Jayda and Jermaine) and I had a good chat with her via Facetime. I am waiting for a more thorough medical update, but the doctors told us her they are pleased with the surgery and mentioned that the second hip will be much easier. 🙏🏾🙏🏾 – Praise God!!
She is now having tea and toast, awaiting her evening meal as she has been in a nill by mouth state since yesterday (22nd August). Whilst she had her tea and toast (which could not go down much quicker – lol) – she called me again, and we were able to thank God together, but then suggested she gets some needed sleep.  She will sleep then the girls, and I will have another chat with her before she goes down for the night.
As you can imagine, the next few hours are crucial as the anaesthetic wears off and tomorrow when the medical team would like to get Vel immediately moving around the room. We will then begin the Physio routine, but for now, we pause to thank God for the operation success. 
Tomorrow, 24th August, we celebrate our Pearl Anniversary – 30 years of marriage.
Thank you all for standing with us in prayer.


  1. Sally Collins

    Hi steve good it went well today with Vel I will still pray for you both.


    We thank God for the success of the surgery, all glory belongs to Him!

    We ‘ll continue to lift Vel up for quick healing of wound and complete recovery. 🙏

    Praying also for strength, comfort and peace for the remaining family members. Amen.

    God bless you all ❤ ❤

  3. Bree

    Happy pearl anniversary Val and Steve. May God continue blessing both of you as a couple…

    Praying for complete healing and full recovery over Val and hope today is the beginning of amazing things to come! We give God all the praise and glory, in Jesus name 🙏


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