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Steve Thompson

Just a few thoughts this morning stemming from my devotion and after reading a few Facebook posts over the last few weeks ….

I have read quite a few interesting FB post with great truths and advice to those of us involved in the ‘Creative Arts & Ministry’ (Perhaps the order of these two words could be switched dependant on the focus of our personal creative and ministerial output, as well as how we view ourselves and what we primarily do). Are we purely a recording & performing artist? A Minister of Music or both? Are we defined by what we do or/and who we are?

It is imperative that we as ‘Ministers of Worship & Music’, continue to separate the ‘calling and great commissioning’ versus the merely exhibiting of our ‘purpose-given talents’ and gifts whilst re-evaluating who we are IN Christ and what we do BECAUSE of Christ. Out of the abundance of a life, sold out for Christ, the mouth & heart relates & speaks. This is also true if we become too self-consumed with an egoistical & self-promotional drive to be ‘known’ & respected in our ‘field’. I am sure I am not the only one who has been constantly concerned that we may merely be using secularised formulas to infiltrate a very broken & hurting world with formulas that will always fall short of bringing (not ‘binging’ ? ) the gospel, not just our ability into a very needy world & environment.

I guess this re-opens up a real passionate area for me ‘Performance V Ministry‘ instead of potentially ‘Performance & Ministry‘. I believe true christian ministry starts with facilitating the needs of others. Can we as a Christ-followers be in a secular environment without sharing the abundance & joy of a life sold out for Christ, over-flowing through and with ‘creative’ and interesting life-changing stories of a really transformed-life. There is a great disparity between the ‘act of performance’ and the ‘act of ministry’. Performing is for the pleasure and approval of the audience, whereas, ministry should be for the approval and glory of God!

At the end of our lives, most of us will always be remembered by the life that we lived and the lives that we touched & influenced way beyond the songs, events or ‘gigs’ that we have played. Being Influential carries a higher memorabilia ticket than just being ‘successful’ or rephrased another way – ‘true success is displayed in how influential you are’. Lives that have been touched by our own lives is so important.

Wherever Jesus went – ‘something happened’ – ‘stories were told’ (same stories still being told today) – people followed and talked about him (still happening today) but most importantly, lives were changed & transformed!!! So, with all the accolades man can give you, I prefer the applauds of Heaven as an ambassador of heaven.