Velveta 2Thought for the day… Prayer is focused on God! Prayer changes your position, your perspective! You are no longer looking up at the problem, but now looking down at how small it really is. ‘I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!’

We are bigger than that circumstance, bigger than that trial, bigger than that problem. Why? ‘Greater is He that is IN you!’ His name is El-Shaddai, our all sufficient God, every answer is found in HIm; Jehovah Jirah – our provider, ‘For He will supply All our needs according to his riches in Glory through Christ Jesus!’

Use the WORD – in PRAYER! This is the weapon that defeats fear, discouragement, disappointments, doubt, worry and any name that keeps us small!! Look up and see our Great God, look down and see how small that problem really is in the shadow of Almighty God!

Prayer helps us to see with the eyes of faith, we see what God sees! Change perspective and you will release the peace of God that far exceeds our own understanding. Supernatural peace! Christ in us the hope of Glory!

His power is in us to succeed! Prayer is the key, use it to open the door to Peace!

So today…….don’t neglect to PRAY


~ Velveta Thompson