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Prayers For Velveta

We lift up Velveta to the Lord

Your prayers and worship are appreciated

We are now going to move into Exuberant Praise

Deutermony 31:6

“The sound of joyful shouting and salvation is in the tents of the righteous; The right hand of the LORD does valiantly”.

Update & Praise Report on Velveta!! (23.7.17)

Praise Report A few weeks ago, I remember driving home from the hospital and talking with Jermaine, my son-in-law on the phone - he was saying he just needed a word for the day. (We all had moments like this over the last five weeks). Just as he said this, I looked to...

Breakthrough Update on Velveta! (15.7.17)

God is great! He is a miracle working God! In God, we continue to trust, and He continues to manifest His healing touch in Vel's life. The last two days, in particular, we have seen great improvement in Vel's health. On arriving at the hospital on 13th...

Update on Vel (13.07.17)

Thank you for your continued prayers for Velveta. She is getting a little stronger day by day but still has a way to go. There are a few complex issues that the doctors are still investigating. She is very tired and so at this point, we are still having to...

Wonderful Update on Velveta (4.7.17)

Well, the last few days has been nothing but one miracle upon another. They moved Vel out of the CCU to another non-critical ward - Praise God! A few days ago (1.07.17) when Esther and I arrived at the hospital, they had Velveta sitting up in a chair. She...

Update on Velveta – 1st July 2017

Vel continues to make slow steady progress, it is encouraging to see those little improvements each day. The ward staff had Velveta propped up in a chair yesterday, and she was much more alert and interactive. There is a good way to go yet before Vel will...

Update on Velveta – 27/06/2017

Worship is so much a part of this journey, so much a part of the life of the Thompson family and essential in the healing process that is ongoing. Velveta seems to take small steps in the right direction each day, we praise God for every smile, glance and moment with...

Visual Verse of the Day

"So God created the great creatures under the sea and every living thing which fills the water..." Genesis 1:21a