Chrissie grew up in the famed ‘city of gold’ – Dubai, United Arab Emirates – doing what she always loved to do: singing!

Being the shy little girl that she was, she stayed away from the limelight, singing to herself and with her family. However, after much encouragement from her parents and her younger brother, Jasper – who always took a keen interest in her talent, she began to take her singing and music more seriously. It wasn’t much longer when Chrissie found herself singing at various school and church events which eventually provided a much-needed lift to boost her confidence.

Chrissie’s teenage years were trying and testing times and it was during these times that she began to seek God in earnest. Spending hours on her keyboard, worshipping her creator, she was inspired to write songs that would encourage, bless and comfort people and lift up the name of Lord Jesus. Songs like ‘Wait’ and ‘Never leave you alone’ were birthed during these times.

Being aware of her calling in the ministry and being passionate about God, she devoted her voice to worship God and sing for Him and Him alone. She turned down several opportunities to sing in secular settings. It was when she was uncertain about a future for herself she wrote, ‘You are my dreams’ expressing her complete dependence on God.

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From then on, there was no looking back! Right through her late teens and into young adulthood she wrote several songs and led worship at her local church. When Voice Middle East, a Dubai-based worship ministry, hosted several well-known international worship artistes in the Arabian Gulf from 2009 onwards, Chrissie was able to lend her voice as a lead backup vocalist. Soon after in 2012, an opportunity arose to record a few of her key songs and thus was born her debut album, ‘CHAMPIONS’.

Through this album Chrissie hopes to bring out a message of hope to a broken world and to remind the Church that we are more than conquerors… we are CHAMPIONS!