Joelle Smith

Finally finished the EP for Joelle Smith, an artist from Germany. Joelle’s voice reminds me of the artists Joan Armatrading and Tracy Chapman. Great to be working with one of my old mates, Neil Costello – a friendship that spans over 25 years. Joelle and her husband have to beautiful children, twins – Samuel & Nathan.

Steve & Children

Samuel & Nathan

Joelle was born in Benin – West Africa – and spent her early years living between Benin, Togo and Ghana, before moving to France. Today, she lives in Karlsruhe, Germany, with her beloved husband Isaac and their lovely twin boys, Samuel and Nathan. Over the years, she has learnt to appreciate God’s love and care for His people and singing to Him became, more than mere music, a daily attitude and an enjoyable exercise of faith. In her own words, “Sing when you are happy, sing when you are sad, sing when you are bored, sing when you are busy, sing when you can do it, sing when it seems that you cannot” That has been her motto throughout the years and in most circumstances’.

Many songs were born in the secret place: times of loneliness, away from it all and facing the wall. The turning point came when she and her boys survived a very rocky pregnancy time. After several months at the hospital, worship, hope and thankfulness became a way of life to be shared with many. Today, her music is an expression of her Worship: a vehicle of appreciation and adoration of the One Who deserves our all and of His Son Who gave us His all, Jesus Christ – King of kings and Lord of lords. Joelle’s first EP is due for release in a few weeks time. The full album has already been pre-produced and is set to follow next year. “Anytime” is her first Worship EP. We worked with various international Christian musicians and artists from the UK, Germany, the USA and China.