Good day to you all! Since having surgery I am thankfully recovering quite speedily – I am fairly sure, due to the many specific prayers. So thankful for the God-timing of the operation as it became apparent that my gallbladder was adherent to the liver. Basically, because there had been much negative activity with the Gallstone issue, this could have caused major longterm problems with the liver. But, the doctor said, though the operation was a little more complicated than expected, it was totally successful. Praise God!

If you have ever had any medical issues, doing your own research on your particular illness can be so beneficial but not always comforting as you read through the horde of ‘worst case scenarios’.  Reading the Word straight after investigating the medical issue, became a good personal practice of mine!! However, praise God I am feeling much better as the days and weeks go by, it is quite a straightforward operation even though the size of the gallstone (all 28 millimetres) explains why I was in so much pain when I would have an attack. I think now I must stop whinging  and ‘out-maxing ‘ the care from my wonderful wife!

ANYHOW …  whilst pondering, praying, reflecting – all these areas of our lives that seemingly increases before or after a surgery – I felt the Holy Spirit reminding me about the need for us to surround ourselves with likeminded people who you feel share and are on similar ‘specific journeys‘ as yourself. Whilst doing so, don’t complain or murmur about what is not working so well in your life or feeling ‘life’ or ‘situations’ should have dealt you a better deal. This can so become such wasted energy! I continue to learn and practice this simple truth:

Become the change you want to see...

Lions fight together

Rom. 8:28  And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.’

Through this very familiar scripture we know and quote, I am reminded this morning to welcome and be thankful for every situation as they often seem to be moments in my life where the Father deems you ready for more work on our personage and an ‘upgrade’ of some kind, but He needs to adequately prepare us for this upgrade. ‘Working together for our good‘ – The Holy Spirit at work in us, conforming us, even more, into the image of the Son, Jesus. Oh yes … not an easy season, time or moment I hear myself (and you) saying, but if we just stick it out, the rewards of perseverance overshadows the mental and spiritual pain involved. It has been these times when I have been so thankful for particular individuals whom God has placed in our lives over the years that are on a similar mission path which is part of our journey. When God is at work, you always know in your inner-spirit, as there is always an obvious status you will find yourself – ‘unhurt and unbroken’. Identify and trust the Father at work in us, He will not leave you hurt or broken! We must identify the difference between the Father ‘breaking our hearts’ – giving us more of His compassion, love and passion for things that concern Him, versus the ugliness of a non-God induced life that does not have your spiritually-healthy-good-outcome at its focused interest.

There is much that we would all love to see changed in our environment, homes, families, churches, work place and friendship circles, etc. We can become that change! You are stronger than you think you are – just listen to the right voices (more over, the inner-voice) and get yourself into healthy circles. No, not ‘yes people’ that will tell you how wonderful you are (though we do need a few of these friends as well -lol), but God-fearing, righteous and loving people that can see what God sees about you, not what they would like you to be. But, one of the most important aspect of growth is your environment. Today, some of you may want to consider changing this place that you have been stuck in for years. Oft times, it is not even a geographical or or friendship circle that may need altering, but the condition of the mind & heart.

Today, I am so thankful for a heightened awareness that we are all allocated ‘x’ amount of time here on this earth. Live His life – not someone else’s – not even your own. Jesus alive in us – yes!!! I love that beautiful reminder from the Holy Spirit today – through this powerful attached picture of the club of lions (yes, you know how much I love these powerful animals 🙂 Another quick thought before I sign-off, when God speaks to you, He will often use a ‘language’ He knows you will understand!

I simply wanted to share these thoughts from the Father’s heart with you.

Have a blessed day!