Velveta Thompson

Reprograming the mind to think positive thoughts

Positive thinking leads to positive living

We live in a world where we are programmed from an early age to fit the profile of how people see us.

Some are negative with many having a history of abuse. And others are positive both in home and learning institutes.  However, everyone has a negative word that was spoken to them at one time or another that affects the way one sees them self.

It is a fight to stay positive in a world that dishes out negativity all the time.  We find ourselves always having to live up to someone or something, a standard that has been set.

We believe at Beracah Music in positive thinking! Reprogramming the mind to think positive thoughts forcing out the negative vibes that cause, fear, depression, oppression and the list goes on!

Well, being is tied up in how we think!

Positive thinking leads to positive living – is our strap line!

Changing one’s mindset is done by coaching.

We coach you into change!

Think different, live differently!  Think positive, live positive.

You are one step away to discovering a new way of living!

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If you want:

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  • A healthy lifestyle,
  • Better relationship with those you love,
  • To defeat depression,
  • To break oppression

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Positive thinking leads to positive living!