Songwriting Consultation - Ukraine 2019 Update

Steve & Velveta returned to Ukraine as part of their ongoing Mission to Eastern Europe. This trip, they were invited to facilitate a Songwriting Consultation, organised to teach specific writers how to write specific songs for a Gospel Choir. In October 2019 there will be a live recording with over 100 choir members, band and orchestra. 

So, songwriters from all over Ukraine were invited to take part in several workshops with Steve & Vel where they taught on how to write songs towards the album. Steve & Vel conducted several sessions where the delegates were placed in small groups and encouraged to write thematic songs.

The next stage will be the arduous task of setting up some form of Publishing as well as introducing CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International). Much prayer is needed toward this particular individual project.

Some of the delegates travelled over 13 hours one-way to be part of the Songwriting Consultation.

In May 2019, BMI will be returning to Ukraine to start working on the songs with a few of the singers.

~ Steve Thompson



During the conference, two musicians who were part of the conference made an impromptu performance. They will also be part of the Express Gospel Choir live recording in October.