Today was a very special day, as I was not only invited to preach at one of the churches where my father was a former founder, Dudley New Testament Church of God, but to have both my mother and mother-in-law on the front row. As I told the church today, ‘preachers love to embellish stories of when they were younger, but our my mothers will know the unedited raw stories’. Word’s cannot express the joy of having both parents ‘preaching’ along with me.

Thanks to Pastor Hermlyn James, the leadership and Creative Director, Minister Leroy John for the invitation.  I am looking forward to returning in six months (with Velveta) to do a district worship weekend-training and another Sunday service.

The last time I was with this fellowship was probably 40 years ago. when playing for a choir, The Majestic Singers. What wonderful memories seeing so many folks I have not seen for years. Truly, as a church, you can be significant, present and relevant in the community, all indicators pointing towards Jesus.

Pastor Hermilyn James, Mum Thompson & McGregor