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Steve & Velveta in Leeds, UK – Easter Celebration 2018

What better time than Easter to be celebrating Velveta’s story ‘From ‘Coma to life‘. At the Leeds New Testament Church of God, Steve & Velveta led the congregation in praise & worship, prayer for the sick and a rapturous celebration.  Unplanned, they were joined by their good friend Lara Martin whom they have known for many years, having ministered together on several occasions.

Lara interviewed Steve & Velveta asking several questions about their early days of ministry from the moment they met. As usual, Steve shared his version before Vel updated the ‘details’ from her perspective. They also shared about their ministry in the many parts of the world in which they have ministered, including Asia. The congregation were encouraged to step out of their comfort zones, be it, dealing with inadequacies, or simply not recognising the calling on all of us to go into the world proclaiming the goodness of Jesus.

The evening then moved into Vel sharing her story of ‘being in a garden’ whilst in a coma and the various encounters she had with angels, her father, the late Rev, V. V.B McGregor. After sharing his arduous journey of leading the family in worship in the Critical Care Unit and how Jesus still heals today, Steve then made an altar call along with several other pastors. ‘the response was quite overwhelming as scores of people made their way to the front in faith to be prayed for‘.

The evening ended with Steve & Velveta, the choir and band leading the congregation in the song ‘Breakthrough (Eddie James)’ Truly the evening was a breakthrough in many taking a fresh step of faith believing for a miracle, not only for themselves but standing in proxy of a family member or friend.

Says Velveta, “Such a privilege to lead worship giving testimony about the faithfulness of our God! Easter we celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord! We are raised to life because He paid the price for us. When he said ‘It is finished’ the fact is, it’s done! Our redemption, our salvation, our healing! Done! I’m a testament to the healing power of Jesus! The glory filled the house in Leeds as we gave glory to the only one who is worthy! JESUS!!!

Pictures & Video by Karen Dawn-Hutchinson

Highlights from the Easter Celebration with Steve & Velveta