Strong & Mighty – Praise Africa

Sheldon Banks says

“Wow I am moved by the standard of this project considering how long ago it was done. I remember being there proud moments for South Africa. Well done pastor Lionel, Trevor, Janine, Lyndell, You guys paved the way for so many young song leaders leading worship in their respective Churches today”

Modisana says

“Thank you for uploading this. Reminds me of when the album first came out and I could not afford to buy both the CD and the video tape. I have been listening to this album all these years and finally getting to see the video feels like I am experiencing all the songs and the worship for the first time all over again. Thank you once again and God bless you. :-)”

Sherphard Tizirai says

“remembered back then playing this cd on repeat.mwaaaaaa …”

Delon Madlala says

“This was a beautiful album….Blessed …”

Strong & Mighty – This is the first South African live album recorded at Rhema Church, produced and arranged by Steve Thompson. This album went on to become one of South Africa’s bestsellers, featuring artists such as Lionel Petersen, Janine Williams, Carol Mundy, Trevor Samson, David Klassen and many others.

Two songs written by Steve & Velveta were also featured on the album, ‘We lift our hands to worship you‘ and ‘Increase in me‘ (co-written with Andy Mitchell).