Tribute to my friend ‘Sien’

Tribute to my friend ‘Sien’

Today, my heart bleeds and is so sad as I have just learnt of the passing of one of my ‘Chinese boys.’ A few years ago, I produced an album for his ministry. He was one of my dear ‘Chinese sons’. Such incredible prominence, anointing, calling & purpose. My dear son leaves behind a very young child (about three years old) and a beautiful wife, whom he loved very much.

While working on the albums, we spent much time in the recording studio, their home and other venues. Out of respect, he and the other members of the team nicknamed me ‘Master Steve’. However, I am the one who has held the highest respect for what my friend accomplished throughout his short life span and for a simple life lived with such humility. I can still hear his soft-spoken voice (whether singing or speaking) and see his gentle fingers stroking the keyboard. R.I.P son.

My heart is indeed sad yet thankful how God allowed our paths to cross. Oh, what a reminder of how fragile life is!

Today I am also reminded how precious life & time is. A life lived without purpose is a life not lived at all. This particular season, we are reminded of Jesus’ life poured out for us – and gruesome death – a love sacrifice paid – way beyond our comprehension and natural understanding.

I know it will be a while before I can even play the album recorded with my ‘son’ in the heart of beautiful China. Please join me and pray for his family as they grapple with this sad loss. His eyes would fill with tears as we sat listening back to the string orchestra playing over his beautifully composed songs. Now you have a specially prepared place enjoying God’s ‘symphony orchestra’.

If we are honest, it’s so much harder to accept the loss of a young person over someone who may have ‘lived-out’ their three-score plus ten years and beyond. But, accepting God’s ways is a daily ‘outworking’ of faith and trust in a Sovereign God who has indeed demonstrated His love for the human race through allowing His one and only son to die for us. Thank you, Father!

However, today is indeed a very sad day for me!