There is no doubt God is shifting many things around during this season of ‘change’! It is time to be prayerful and discerning. Listening to God with an acute spiritual ear. Do not become distracted by things that may ‘seem’ out of place or people that may seem to be misfits. I am relearning that there is much to be understood about God’s timing, agenda and sovereign will. I have never been so hungry to simply get it ‘right’ in this season. Getting it right does not mean you line-up with a human expectation or desire for you to become a particular person, but to walk in obedience to everything God requires and desires from us. First on the agenda is that we love one another with a ‘Godly love’ that is not demanding, but understanding of the season with its many paradigm shifts. Today, fine time in your schedule simple to sit in His presence and listen. Have a blessed day!